Madden 22 Cover, Release Date, Ratings – What We Know Right NOW

Madden 22 Cover
Madden 22 Cover Athletes – Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes

When it comes to announcing specifics, Madden 22 gives you just enough info to pique your interest and keep you coming back for more.

For example the Madden 22 All-Access promos on social media have hyped up the launch of the game more than ever. The promos and production videos have been amazing.

(Quick Jump Links to Top 10 Ratings at Each Position: 

Madden 22 Rookie Ratings | Madden 22 Wide Receiver Ratings | Madden 22 Running Back Ratings | Madden 22 Tight End Ratings | Madden 22 Safety Ratings | Madden 22 Cornerback Ratings | Madden 22 Edge Rusher Ratings | Madden 22 Defensive Line Ratings)

Check out the Official Reveal Trailer here:


“As we get closer to the official launch of Madden NFL 22 in August, we plan to give you a more in depth look at things to come in Madden NFL 22 through Madden All Access.

Things you can expect from Madden All Access:

  • Developer Deep Dives: An in depth look at features in Madden NFL 22
  • Madden Creator Content Reveals: Madden NFL 22 content shared by some of your favorite Community Creators
  • Making Madden Podcast: An exciting podcast series, led by Madden NFL developers, sharing all the stories and decisions that go into Making Madden NFL
  • Gridiron Notes: Deep Dive articles summarizing the latest features and updates across Madden NFL 22″
Madden 22 All-Access Timeline
Madden 22 All-Access Timeline

In terms of innovation Madden 22 looks like the best Madden game we’ve seen in years.

Way back in 2006 a sports video game called NFL Head Coach was launched. I loved the concept of the game, the minutiae of daily tasks, and the unique graphics.

And for 15 years I’ve thought, “Why can’t they combine the best parts of NFL Head Coach with the best parts of Madden Football?” Each game had what the other was lacking.

But with Madden 22, it sure looks and feels a lot like that.

Who Is On The Madden 22 Cover/What Is The Madden 22 Cover Release Date:

First off, I LOVE the cover and how simple it is. Minimalist. Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are on the cover of Madden 22. Just vibing.

The Madden 22 cover was released on 6/17/2021.

When is Madden 22 Coming Out/Madden NFL 22 Release Date:

Madden NFL 22 launches worldwide on August 20, 2021.

Madden 22 Ratings:

Madden 22 Ratings Graphic
Madden 22 Ratings Graphic

Madden 22 Ratings Week” on ESPN begins Sunday 7/25.

Quick Jump Links to Top 10 Ratings at Each Position: 

Madden 22 Rookie Ratings | Madden 22 Wide Receiver Ratings | Madden 22 Running Back Ratings | Madden 22 Tight End Ratings | Madden 22 Safety Ratings | Madden 22 Cornerback Ratings | Madden 22 Edge Rusher Ratings | Madden 22 Defensive Line Ratings

In an interesting partnership between Madden and ESPN, positions will be highlighted each day (along with members of the Madden “99 Club” the players who’ve achieved the highest possible overall rating in this year’s game) and will be revealed on the horrible ESPN Mike Greenburg vehicle Get Up each day.

Here is the schedule of Madden 22 Ratings release by day and where you can watch:

Sunday (July 25)
Kickoff Special at 12:30 p.m. ET on ESPN

Monday (July 26)
Top 10 wide receivers with Chad Johnson on First Take
Full wide receiver ratings on SportsCenter

Tuesday (July 27)
Top 10 defensive linemen with Vince Wilfork on First Take
Top 10 edge rushers on SportsCenter and NFL Live

Wednesday (July 28)
Top 10 running backs with Marshawn Lynch on First Take
Full running back ratings on SportsCenter and NFL Live

Thursday (July 29)
Top 10 safeties with Ed Reed on First Take
Additional ratings on SportsCenter and NFL Live

Friday (July 30)
Top 10 quarterbacks with Alex Smith on First Take
Additional ratings on SportsCenter and NFL Live

Coverage will wrap up with a SportsCenter special Friday at 7:30 p.m. ET on ESPN, where the final ratings will be revealed along with player interviews.

How bummed/upset are you if you are an offensive lineman?

The NFL makes its fortune on the performance of offenses (and referees lol) and the HAWGS up front power the offenses!

Steve Hutchinson’s famous “Poison Pill” contract stipulation changed the way NFL contracts were negotiated.

Am I the only MADDEN NERD that wants to know who the 10 best right guards are? Centers?

Thanks to The Blind Side, everyone knows how important a left tackle is. But they still can’t get any love?

Going to also be interesting to see how ESPN screws this up. What race related low Madden 22 player ratings will Screamin’ A Smith yell and posture about?

I don’t know, but I do know you can guarantee 100+ hours of ESPN content focused on it, from all angles, in all holes!

Screenshot Of Madden 22 Rookie Ratings
Screenshot Of Madden 22 Rookie Ratings

Madden 22 Rookie Ratings Ratings

Madden 22 Rookie Ratings (so far):

Patrick Surtain II (CB, Denver Broncos) – 76 Overall, 75 Awareness
Jaycee Horn (CB, Carolina Panthers) – 74 Man Coverage (guessed 84)
Elijah Moore (WR, New York Jets) – 93 Change of Direction (guessed 100)
Travis Etienne (WR, Jacksonville Jaguars) – 67 Short Route Running (guessed 87)
Asante Samuel Jr. (CB, Los Angeles Chargers) – 92 Speed (guessed 92)
Mac Jones (QB, New England Patriots) – 71 overall, 85 Throw Power, 25 Break Tackle
Kyle Pitts (TE, Atlanta Falcons) – 81 (highest rated rookie)
Trevor Lawrence – 78
Jaylen Waddle – 76
Zach Wilson – 75
Ja’Marr Chase – 75
DeVonta Smith – 75
Penei Sewell – 75
Trey Lance – 74
Justin Fields – 74

Madden 22 Wide Receiver Ratings

Top 10 Overall WR:

  1. Davante Adams – 99 overall
  2. DeAndre Hopkins – 98 overall
  3. Tyreek Hill – 98 overall
  4. Stefon Diggs – 97 overall
  5. Julio Jones – 95 overall
  6. Michael Thomas – 94 overall
  7. Keenan Allen – 93 overall
  8. Amari Cooper – 92 overall
  9. Mike Evans – 91 overall
  10. Allen Robinson – 90 overall

Top 10 Fastest Wide Receivers

  1. Tyreek Hill – 99 speed
  2. Henry Ruggs III – 98 speed
  3. Marquise Brown – 97 speed
  4. Mecole Hardman – 97 speed
  5. Jaylen Waddle – 97 speed
  6. Anthony Schwartz – 97 speed
  7. Marquise Goodwin – 96 speed
  8. John Ross III – 96 speed
  9. Rico Gafford – 96 speed
  10. DK Metcalf – 95 speed

Medium Route Running Top 10:

  1. Davante Adams 98
  2. Stefon Diggs 97
  3. DeAndre Hopkins 96
  4. Keenan Allen 93
  5. Tyreek Hill 93
  6. Michael Thomas 92
  7. Amari Cooper 92
  8. Julio Jones 91
  9. Calvin Ridley 91
  10. Odell Beckham Jr. 90

Top-Rated Rookie WRs:

Jaylen Waddle: 76 OVR
Ja’Marr Chase: 75 OVR
DeVonta Smith: 75 OVR
Elijah Moore: 73 OVR
Kadarius Toney: 72 OVR
Rashod Bateman: 72 OVR

Top-Rated Veteran WRs:

DeAndre Hopkins: 98 OVR
Tyreek Hill: 98 OVR
Stefon Diggs: 97 OVR
Julio Jones: 95 OVR
Michael Thomas: 94 OVR

Madden 22 Running Back Ratings:

Top 10 Overall RB:

  1. Christian McCaffery 97
  2. Derrick Henry 96
  3. Nick Chubb 96
  4. Dalvin Cook 95
  5. Alvin Kamara 94
  6. Aaron Jones 91
  7. Saquon Barkley 90
  8. Josh Jacobs 89
  9. Ezekial Elliot 88
  10. Joe Mixon 88

Madden 22 Tight End Ratings

Top 10 Overall Tight Ends:

  1. Travis Kelce 99
  2. George Kittle 96
  3. Darren Waller 93
  4. Mark Andrews 88
  5. Hunter Henry 87
  6. Austin Hooper 86
  7. Rob Gronkowski 86
  8. Mike Gesicki 85
  9. TJ Hockenson 85
  10. Dallas Goedart 84

Madden 22 Safety Ratings

Top 10 Overall Safeties:

  1. Tyrann Mathieu 95
  2. Budda Baker 93
  3. Devin McCourty 92
  4. Jessie Bates III 91
  5. Justin Simmons 91
  6. Jamal Adams 90
  7. Harrison Smith 90
  8. Eddie Jackson 89
  9. Adrian Amos 89
  10. Minkah Fitzpatrick 89

Madden 22 Cornerback Ratings

Top 10 Overall Cornerbacks:

  1. Jalen Ramsey 99
  2. Stephon Gilmore 97
  3. Jaire Alexander 95
  4. Tre-Davious White 93
  5. Marlon Humphrey 92
  6. Xavien Howard 91
  7. James Bradberry IV
  8. Denzel Ward 89
  9. Kendall Fuller 89
  10. Darius Slay Jr. 88

Madden 22 Edge Rusher Ratings

Top 10 Overall Edge Rushers:

  1. Myles Garrett 98
  2. Khalil Mack 96
  3. T.J. Watt 94
  4. Chandler Jones 94
  5. JJ Watt 94
  6. Cameron Jordan 93
  7. Von Miller 93
  8. Joey Bosa 92
  9. Nick Bosa 90
  10. Za’Darius Smith 89

Madden 22 Defensive Line Rankings

Top 10 Overall Defensive Linemen

  1. Aaron Donald 99
  2. Fletcher Cox 94
  3. Chris Jones 92
  4. DeForest Buckner 92
  5. Cameron Heyward 92
  6. Michael Pierce 91
  7. Calais Campbell 90
  8. Kenny Clark 89
  9. Stephon Truitt 89
  10. Vita Vea 88

Top 10 Strength Ratings (Defensive Line)

  1. Aaron Donald 99
  2. Mathew Ioannidis 98
  3. Linval Joseph 98
  4. Vita Vea 97
  5. Michael Pierce 96
  6. Kenny Clark 96
  7. Brandon Williams 96
  8. Fletcher Cox 95
  9. Akiem Hicks 95
  10. Da’Ron Payne 95

Top 10 Power Move (Defensive Line)

  1. Aaron Donald 99
  2. Chris Jones 97
  3. Fletcher Cox 95
  4. Cameron Heyward 94
  5. Akiem Hicks 91
  6. Stephon Tuitt 90
  7. Mathew Ioannidis 89
  8. Jonathan Allen 88
  9. Vita Vea 87
  10. David Onyemata 86

The Lowest Ranked Player In Madden 22 is Zach Tiner at 25 overall!

Tiner is the long snapper for the reigning Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Bucs.

Which means he got a Tampa Bay Super Bowl ring this week.

These will be announced the week of 7/26/21. The Madden 99 Club for Madden 22 will also be announced this week.

In the meantime, read our list of All-Time Madden 99 Club members for each Madden version. At one time, the early Madden’s actually had 100 overall player ratings.

Madden 22 rookie ratings will also be released that week.

Madden 22 Screenshot - Justin Fields
Madden 22 Screenshot – Justin Fields

Madden 22 Franchise Mode – What’s New

From the EA blog:

“We heard you. Not only is your feedback extremely important to us, but also helps Madden NFL get better each year. Our development team worked tirelessly to incorporate highly-requested updates to Franchise in Madden NFL 22 that make you feel more connected and in control.

There will be more detailed staff management and skill tree progression systems, with comprehensive weekly game strategy that integrates into your gameplan. Through the regular season and off-season, new scenarios will keep things fresh as you weigh various risks and rewards to make the right decisions for your team. Plus, Franchise will see improvements throughout the year via three Live Service updates. Our first live service update targeting September to release is one of your top requested features, Player Scouting. Keep an eye out for more Gridiron Notes as each Live Service update rolls in.”

Madden 22 New Features:

Platform Availability – PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, PC

Live Service Approach Will Continue – Several game elements will see upgrades and improvements after the initial launch.

Enhanced Crowd Visuals – This builds on some of the scenes we saw in next-gen last year.

Better Looking Ball – The actual football looks super realistic.

Faux Social Media Integration – These pieces of visual presentation are similar to what we saw last year. The fake posts are used to create some franchise mode storylines.

Scanned Rookies – Some rookies appear to have already been scanned.

Madden NFL 22 Screenshot - Tom Brady
Madden NFL 22 Screenshot – Tom Brady

New Pregame Presentation – We will see some different packages for prime time games and playoffs in franchise mode.

Signature Animations – Some wide receivers like the Buffalo Bills’ Stefon Diggs have signature moves at the line of scrimmage as they get into their routes.

New Sideline Reception Animations – There are some new foot-placement animations with toe-drags and more.

The Next-Gen Movement is Improved – Based on the trailer, the improvements to player movement is a little more noticeable in this year’s game.

Team Game Plans – Within the franchise, weekly game plans have been changed. There are no more bronze-silver-gold exercises to master plays. It has been replaced by free practice only, but the game planning is based on the tendencies of your upcoming opponent.

Halftime Adjustments – At halftime, you will be shown a breakdown of your opponent’s most successful attacks and allowed to shift your focus in areas designed to shut them down.

Coordinators and Player Personnel Departments Are In – The series has brought back offensive and defensive coordinators, but unfortunately, they are fictional. However, those coaches can be progressed through your organization by developing RPG-like traits and special abilities.

Staff and Coordinator Upgrades – Each week you will be able to upgrade your staff with XP. More than 60 talents will be available at launch for coordinators and the player personnel department, and more will be added after launch.

Manage Player Health – A new mechanic lets you monitor your rosters’ fatigue and health.

New Sideline Emotion – Players on the sidelines supposedly have more realistic and emotional reactions to events on the field.

The 99 Club – This annual staple returns. There were a few references to it in the preview event, but no idea which players will get that distinction.

Madden-22 screenshot-Broncos

Dynamic GameDay 1 – Momentum Factors are like X-Factors for teams and NFL stadiums. The genesis of this concept was from the NCAA series.

For example, when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are rolling at home, they can activate “Fire the Cannons,” which restores player energy for the Bucs when they are in the red zone. There is also “Shook,” which distorts the play art for the opposing team, and there is also “Tunnel Vision,” which hides some of the visiting team’s receiver icons on pass plays.

The entire mechanic is designed to deliver an element of home-field advantage. Home teams will have access to more M-Factors. The Momentum Meter is at the top of the screen, so players will know what stage they are in. Other examples of M-Factors are kickers always kicking in the ice stage, tougher kick meter to stop, fewer stamina reserves in high-altitude stadiums, and hot routes being made more difficult.

Every stadium has a unique M-Factor based on the history of the building and team. Neutral site games won’t have a home-field advantage. There will be presentation elements added to augment the M-Factors effect on the game and situation. This element will be tuned for every mode. The home-field advantage factor won’t be active in MUT.

Future Updates To GameDay Momentum – More experienced players won’t be less impacted by M-Factors at launch.

Post-Launch Franchise Mode Upgrades – We will see more upgrades post-launch.

Dynamic GameDay 2 – This initiative comprises three components: GameDay Atmosphere, GameDay Momentum, and Star-Driven AI.

Atmosphere is about crowd reactions, stadiums, and presentation. Star-Driven AI is designed to make teams play in ways that are true to their real-life versions. It is all about tendencies and AI. Specifically, this should impact QB decision-making under pressure, ball-carrier moves, etc. From a team standpoint, offensive and defensive play-calling and tendencies are based on real-life behavior, or in franchise, based on the play from team owners and sims.

More Tackle Variety – Touch tackles for downed ball carriers and new sideline tackle options.

More Catch Types – In addition to sidelines, players will have more variety in the middle of the field.

Blocking Improvements – Work was done to create more realistic pockets, and run blocking will incorporate momentum, size, speed, and physical traits.

Superman Characters – Fictional men and women decked out in the stands.

New Celebrations – New player Celebrations have been added.

New Pre-Game Presentation

More Authentic Crowd Noise – EA has worked with real teams, stadiums, and sound experts to get realistic crowd noise.

High-Altitude Gameplay Effects – In Denver, pass and kick distance will be increased for both teams. Players will also have short-term stamina drains.

Every Signature M-Factor Here is a list of all of them with the team in parentheses if it was easy to determine – Bear Down (Chicago), Bolt Up (Chargers), Crowd, Defensive Intuition, Deflected, Down Wind, Duuuval (Jaguars), Fire Cannons (Bucs), Go Pack Go (Packers), Hat Count, Home of the Chiefs (Chiefs), Home Sweet Home, Just Win Baby (Raiders), Keep Pounding, Lincoln, Made in the Shade, Mile High (Broncos), Motor City (Lions), Nerves, Our House, Poor Visibility, Psyched Out, Rain, Ramming Speed (Rams), Rice Up, Runners High, Scenic Route, Skol, Snow, Storm, Sun, Terribly Distracting, The Bullpen, The Frozen Tundra, The Twelves (Seahawks), Titan Up (Titans), Turf War, Truzz the System (Ravens), Unstable Ground 1, Unstable Ground, Who Dat? (Saints), Who Dey?, Windy, Woof Woof

Franchise Mode Acknowledgement – According to EA, franchise mode is the game’s most played mode.

Franchise Mode Season Engine – Think of it as the menu screens and conversations we saw in NBA 2K’s MyGM Mode, only with specific scenarios. It will deliver cinematics to drive home the story and journey components. There will be 35 at launch and more added post-launch.

Scouting in Franchise Mode – The revamped scouting feature got a lot of respect, but it won’t be added until September. When it becomes available, it will allow you to disperse scouts to specific regions, etc.

New Super Bowl Presentation – It will be different this year

Trade Logic in Franchise – There are more improvements to this piece of the game at launch, and a “robust” offering will come after launch.

Face of the Franchise – It will return, and it is called United We Rise with a new cast of characters.

Next-Gen and Current-Gen Versions are Almost Identical – Aside from some of the presentations in Dynamic GameDay, which leans on the PS5 and Xbox Series X strength, the features are the same.

Next-Gen Stats Update – When asked how often the NGS will be updated, Oldenburg said they are still working on that, as they don’t want to make changes too quickly.

Mini-Games Aren’t In – The old-school favorite will not be back in Madden 22, but it will be added in the future.

All-Pro Difficulty – This remains the difficulty setting for experienced and online competitive matches.

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