Sam Wyche On Grooming Joe Montana, Meeting Bill Walsh, THRASHING Jerry Glanville, How Mike Brown Fired Him

(Originally published 4/29/13) Few people in the history of the universe can lay claim to the amount of NFL experience and historical significance of Sam Wyche. Whether as a quarterback playing for the Bengals and Redskins under legends Paul Brown and George Allen, or being the first assistant coach iconic NFL mind Bill Walsh ever … Read more

Jeff Blake Interview: How To Throw The Deep Ball

Jeff Blake
Jeff Blake Celebrates At Riverfront Stadium
In this Jeff Blake interview, we recount his entire career.

As a kid in the 90’s there was nothing as cool-looking as a deep ball from Jeff Blake.

Warren Moon threw the prettiest spiral and had a cannon, but Blake’s deep ball was different.

The ball jumped out of his hand, expanded in a mushroom cloud shaped arc, and delivered itself into the hands of his receivers unlike any other quarterback I have ever seen.

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Know Your Beef – Defensive Coordinator Demetrius Ross

Demetrius Ross

Demetrius Ross is in his first season as defensive coordinator for the Omaha Beef, but his football background is extensive.

After a successful career at Boise State as an All-American defensive back, Ross played with the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL before making the transition to indoor football.

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