Brandon McManus Vs Matt Prater For Free Bud Light

Denver Broncos’ kicker Brandon McManus said his personal goal this season is set the record for longest field goal in NFL history. He boasted via Twitter that he’s blasted in kicks from 73-yards while facing a live rush. Coincidentally around that same time, Bud Light announced they will buy everyone (21+) in Denver a beer to … Read more

Mark Schlereth Shirtless: Q&A with Stink

The search term “Mark Schlereth shirtless” gets 70 searches a month on the internet. That is a stone cold fact. Mark “Stink” Schlereth is one of the NFL’s best personalities. He took the time to talk with us about all things Stink and we asked him if he knew so many people wanted to see … Read more

Trevor Siemian Gave Skittles Dispensing Jacket To Lineman For Christmas – Video

Trevor Siemian Gave His O-Linemen A Skittles Dispensing Jacket

“A gift that keeps on giving…Skittles.” – Trevor Siemian

Broncos’ quarterback Trevor Siemian set the bar high this holiday season. Knowing the longstanding tradition of QB’s gifting their O-line with extravagant gifts, Trevor partnered with his favorite colorful candies and presented his offensive linemen with custom Skittles-dispensing parkas. Check out this video of the parka in action: 

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Floyd Little Told Me How Marlin Briscoe Saved His NFL Career

Marlin Briscoe was the first African-American to start a game at quarterback in modern professional football history. And if it wasn’t for him, Floyd Little would have quit. Lauded by some as the NFL’s version of Jackie Robinson, Briscoe grew up in South Omaha and went to college at Omaha University, since renamed the University … Read more

Wes Welker On Getting CUT By Schottenheimer And What A Stinger ACTUALLY Feels Like

Wes Welker Told Me What It Was Like To Get Cut By Marty Schottenheimer


Wes Welker Told Me What It Was Like To Get Cut By Marty Schottenheimer

Wes Welker is a player that any fan can relate to, which is what makes him such a great pitch-man for Old Spice and the new “Unnecessary Freshness” campaign. But when you look at Welker’s career and laundry list of  accomplishments, it becomes apparent that you are looking at the body of work befitting a future NFL Hall of Famer.

Two Super Bowl appearances as a cog in the most productive offense in NFL history. Five Pro Bowls. League leader in receptions three times.  Most seasons with 100+ receptions in NFL history (5). Most receptions in Patriots history.

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Interview With Broncos Linebacker DJ Williams

This interview with then Denver Broncos defensive captain DJ Williams was first published prior to the start of the 2008 NFL season.  For most NFL fans outside of Denver, DJ Williams isn’t a household name. But the Denver Broncos front office is betting $32 million dollars that it won’t stay that way for long. Less than two weeks … Read more