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The Tennessee Titans were originally founded by Bud Adams in 1959 and known as the Houston Oilers. The Oilers won 2 AFL Championships before merging into the NFL in 1970. In 1997, the Oilers left Houston, relocated to Nashville, TN and changed their name to the Titans.

The Titans are the only team in the NFL to have two players rush for 2,000 yards in a season–Chris Johnson (2009) and Derrick Henry (2020).

The Titans have made it to the Super Bowl one time in their history, losing to the Rams by a TD in Super Bowl XXXIV. The Titans have made the playoffs 25 times since 1960.

Tennessee Titans Stadium: Nissan Stadium
Tennessee Titans Logo: The logo contains the sun as a circle, 3 stars to match the state flag of Tennessee, a stylized “T” to look like a sword, and flames to look like a flame or solar flare.
Tennessee Titans Colors: Navy, Titans blue, red, silver, white.
Tennessee Titans Mascot: T-Rac.

How Many Super Bowls Have the Tennessee Titans Won?

0 – The Titans have appeared in one Super Bowl, but won 2 AFL Championships; 1960 and 1961