Super Bowl Tailgate Party – Stink Sez Stay Home!


The countdown to the big game is on! Now is the time to plan your menu, recipes, and gear up for the biggest sporting event of the year the Super Bowl.

Whether hosting a Super Bowl Tailgate party in Arizona at the stadium, or going BIG and staying home, Mark Schlereth breaks down the three most essential party needs so you don’t get flagged for “illegal procedure” and fail miserably as a host.

Hit the play button above and get some Mark Schlereth STINK on you.

I-80: Mark I need that big game prediction – what’s the score and who’s gonna win?

Look, as a as a former Bronco, or I guess you’re never a former Bronco you’re always a member of the Denver Broncos, I hate the Chiefs with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. So I’m going to go Philadelphia 100, Chiefs nothing.

I-80: So take the over?

Yeah take the over and they cover the spread so that’s that that’s the direction I’m going.

I-80: You’re surrounded by glorious Super Bowl food around you Mister Schlereth.

Well I’ve actually got three things for you, okay? First off before we get to the food you got to have a great TV you’re gonna sit around and watch the Super Bowl instead of playing it like the rest of us.

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And then the generator right? The biggest nightmare is to lose power or have a power outage – that happened to me during the Super Bowl when I was a kid. Tragic, right?

So you don’t want to lose that power. Geneverse home power. The two pro solar generator. There’s no fumes, no noise no maintenance. Rechargeable solar panels and it runs up to 99% of your appliances — the fridge, the fans, the heaters, and most importantly the OLED TV. You can find out more about that at

I-80: What was your favorite game of 2022 to do?

Oh gosh…. uh you know I had a I had a game in Washington between the Commanders and the Atlanta Falcons that was it it. I don’t know that it took three hours. I think it was under like two hours and 50 minutes and it was an absolute slug fest.

It came down to the final play of the game and Washington intercepted the ball in the end zone on essentially the last play of the game.

But it was it was just nothing but ground and pound, beat you up, physical style of football and it was probably the most fun I had calling a game because it was all the things you love to do as an offensive lineman.