Madden 99 Club Launched: List Of Every Player Ranked 99 Or Higher EVER

Madden 99 Club

Madden 99 Club was initially launched as part of Madden NFL 19. What is significant about 99? A 99 OVR is the highest rating possible in Madden. During the season, ratings are updated on a weekly basis based on the real-life player performance and skill set, so attributes like Speed, Catch, and Tackle are all … Read more

Maximum Football 2020 – Doug Flutie Is Here To SAVE YOU

Doug Flutie Maximum Football 2020

The name of the game may be “Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020” but it easily could have been “Customize Every Single Thing Football 2020.” Doug Flutie has always been known for late-game heroics and improbable victories. Now, he’s saving gamers by giving them an alternate title to live out what USED to happen in NCAA … Read more

Electric Football Is The Game You Need In Your Life


Electric Football: The intellectual challenge of chess meets the activity level of Foosball

If you’re a football fan like me, at certain points in your life you’ve probably heard about or seen electric football — but never tried it. You love fantasy football but what are you supposed to do in the offseason i.e. now?

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