Beer, Hot Dog, and Ticket Prices For Every NBA Team

You don’t go to an NBA game to save money. But, what’s it gonna cost me to see a game and catch a buzz?

Looking at that data below, two things determine average ticket resale price – recent success and strength of brand.

For example, the Warriors are in full-fledged super team in dynasty mode. Which is why their tickets are the most expensive. And actually more than twice as expensive as the 4th place Boston Celtics.

The Lakers have sucked since their bubble championship. But, they are the Lakers, one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world. Which is why they are the second most expensive ticket to get. That plus seeing LeBron James in person, the best player in the world right now.

Another factor is population density of a specific NBA city. The smaller markets are cheaper.

The Indiana Pacers offer the cheapest priced tickets in the entire league at $138. The Oklahoma City Thunder are just above them at $148.

But what about beer prices? What team has the most expensive beers and what team has the cheapest?

The Warriors capitalize on having the most-expensive tickets by also charging the most for a beer – $17.28 for a 16 oz. That’s literally more than one dollar an ounce.

Cleveland is always thought of as a working-class city and their beer prices reflect this. At just $5.28 per 16 ounces, the Cavs have the cheapest beer in the NBA. Here’s to you, Cleveland.

Everyone looks better with a hot dog in their mouth.

Which team has the cheapest, and which team most expensive hot dog?

The San Antonio Spurs are the cheapest, charging a reasonable $2.75. The New York Knicks charge $9.00 for a hot dog. How is the sausage made, Mr. Dolan? Actually I would not be surprised to learn that James Dolan uses the profits from hot dog sales to fund his band, JD & The Straight Shot.

I need a parking spot and don’t want to get robbed. What’s it gonna cost me?

The Warriors have the most expensive parking rate, clocking in at just over $45. The Detroit Pistons and Houston Rockets are the cheapest in the NBA for parking, charging just $8.90.

So, what are the most expensive and cheapest cities to see an NBA game when you factor in the price of tickets, beer, a hot dog, and parking?

The Warriors are far and away the most expensive. You can plan on spending almost $700 to see a game and parking/imbibe on beer and hot dogs.

The Indiana Pacers are the cheapest. Checking in at “just” $138 dollars for the full experience.

Just like with having a kid, you don’t have a kid/ go to an NBA game to save money.

Check out the data below and have fun at the game!

RankTeamAverage resale ticket cost16 oz beer costHot Dog costParking costTotal
1Golden State Warriors$611$17.28$8.50$45.14$681.92
2LA Lakers$518$11.04$6.75$16.10$551.89
3New York Knicks$346$13.76$9.00$38.30$407.06
4Boston Celtics$303$17.28$6.75$24.73$351.76
5Brooklyn Nets$283$12.96$7.25$34.40$337.61
6Chicago Bulls$276$9.76$6.50$22.26$314.52
7Phoenix Suns$285$10.40$5.00$12.69$313.09
8Philadelphia 76ers$264$9.28$6.00$20.85$300.13
9LA Clippers$262$11.04$6.75$16.10$295.89
10Milwaukee Bucks$252$11.52$7.50$15.70$286.72
11Dallas Mavericks$249$12.00$5.50$11.17$277.67
12Toronto Raptors$245$9.44$6.07$11.16$271.67
13Miami Heat$230$11.20$7.50$17.80$266.50
14Atlanta Hawks$234$6.72$3.00$13.15$256.87
15Memphis Grizzlies$226$8.96$5.00$12.14$252.10
16Portland Trail Blazers$198$11.04$6.25$21.00$236.29
17Cleveland Cavaliers$207$5.28$5.75$17.78$235.81
18Minnesota Timberwolves$201$11.04$6.25$9.00$227.29
19Denver Nuggets$184$14.72$6.50$9.70$214.92
20New Orleans Pelicans$179$12.00$6.50$10.74$208.24
21Sacramento Kings$173$10.40$5.25$11.35$200.00
22Charlotte Hornets$169$10.08$4.00$15.29$198.37
23Utah Jazz$168$10.08$7.00$12.00$197.08
24Washington Wizards$163$10.56$7.56$12.64$193.76
25Orlando Magic$163$9.44$5.50$15.75$193.69
26Houston Rockets$159$10.56$6.75$8.90$185.21
27San Antonio Spurs$157$8.00$2.75$15.00$182.75
28Detroit Pistons$153$6.72$5.00$8.90$173.62
29Oklahoma City Thunder$148$6.08$5.50$10.00$169.58
30Indiana Pacers$138$7.20$5.50$14.47$165.17