Rob Gronkowski Is The MAN – 5 Reasons Why

Rob Gronkowski
If Rob Gronkowski offers you some weed, you’re going to have some.

Rob Gronkowski is a man’s man. Here are five reasons why he is the definition of “the man.”

There’s no denying that Rob Gronkowski is one of those people that every girl wants, and every guy wants to be.

He had a nine-year career that resulted in three Super Bowl victories. It’s actually crazy that he went to four Super Bowls, and spent 33 percent of his career as a champion.

Although his career ended somewhat early, he is still going to be considered one of the best to ever do it.

This article isn’t talking football. It’s talking about what makes Gronk the man.

Besides the everything about him, there are a select few things that I think make him the greatest man on the planet.

5. Rob Gronkowski is not afraid to make an ass out of himself.

This guy doesn’t care who is watching… he will do whatever he wants.

He will dance, sing, rap, do whatever he wants and he doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion.

That’s the thing that makes Gronk so lovable. He puts himself out there with no regard for his personal brand, and we all love him for it.

For example, if I danced with cheerleader pom poms… people would think I’m just weird, but when Gronk does it, it’s a holiday.

He will do whatever he wants forever, and we will all completely love him for it.

4. Rob Gronkowski wins. He wins and wins and wins.

Like I said before, Gronk won a Super Bowl in 33 percent of his NFL seasons, but that’s not the only way he’s a winner.

Gronk is a winner at life.

He parties every day, he is dating a super model and he continues to make millions in endorsements.

He has all of these things, and it makes him a winner at life.

Lavar Ball likes to say he’s never lost… well sir, I defer you to Rob Gronkowski. Besides injuries, he has literally continued winning throughout his entire career.

3. Rob Gronkowski is a Barstool junkie.

If you’re a man between the ages 18-30, you love Barstool.

However, no one loves Barstool more than Rob Gronkowski.  He is literally the poster boy for what Barstool Sports stands for.

He doesn’t care what people think, as I mentioned, and since his retirement he has spent loads of time in the Barstool office.

Barstool president Dave Portnoy even got Gronk to commit to coming back week 13 of this year’s NFL season. I mean, that’s pretty cool.

He loves the internet phenomenon, and if he actually is retired, I can see him working there for years and years to come.

2. Gronk loves the number 69. I mean LOVES it.

It’s the number that every man has giggled at since the dawn of time.



Okay, I’m done.

No one in the world loves that number more than Gronk himself. I mean, when he was going for career touchdown 69, even he giggled about it.

Absolutely incredible.

This guy is a walking laugh machine, and I love him for it. We all love him for it. If that were you, me or anyone else, we’d laugh about it too. Just the way he delivered it is so funny.

No other player in the NFL would get away with this. He even rubbed off on Belichick!

I love it! Gronk just knows how to get every man to laugh, and knows that we all can’t resist a good 69 reference.

1. Above all, Rob Gronkowski is real with the fans.

I could go in depth about this one all I want, but really the video is what does it justice, so give it a watch.

All the injuries, undiagnosed concussions and pain this man suffered, and he wears it all on his sleeve for the fans.

That’s why we love Gronk, and why he’s the man. He’s always put the fans first.

It breaks you down to see a man be so emotional over the game he loved, and when Gronk says he isn’t having fun anymore, it really must not be fun.

We love Rob Gronkowski. No matter what team we root for, we all have a place in our heart for such a lovable and honest character.

Thanks for the memories 87, and thanks for keeping us smiling with all those 69 references.

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