Randall Cunningham’s 1990 Season: Greatest NFL Season Ever

Randall Cunningham’s 1990 season is the greatest single season an NFL quarterback has ever had – and no one remembers or acknowledges it.

3,466 passing yards. 942 rushing yards. 35 total TDs. His stats read like a season straight out of Tecmo Super Bowl, a season too ridiculous to have ever actually occurred in the NFL.

Why does this season not get any recognition? Footballperspective.com has ranked the 10 best passing seasons in NFL history and Randall Cunningham doesn’t even get a sniff. But he did a lot more than just throw the ball.

Sure, it happened 25+ years ago, but what he was doing at the time was unprecedented in the history of the NFL. The only season close to that type of production in the years since was Michael Vick’s 2010. Vick bested Cunningham’s rushing total (which was an NFL record for a QB) in ’06, but he also threw for 1,000 less yards and scored only 22 total tuds compared to Randall’s 35.

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