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New Orleans Saints Logo With The State Of Louisiana

The New Orleans Saints were founded in 1966 and joined the NFL in 1967. And they immediately sucked from their inception, being known by beloved fans as the “Aints.” It took them 20 years to have a winning record and make the NFL playoffs. It took them until 2000 to win their first playoff game, a span of 34 seasons.

In 2009 they won their first and only Super Bowl appearance against the Colts, thanks largely to a Peyton Manning pick six. Old Noodle Arm reared back and tossed a TUD to the opposing team for the win, just like his dad Archie Manning used to do 30 years earlier.

The Saints used to be in the NFC West from 1970 to 2001 and were mercilessly throttled by those great 49ers teams of the 80s and 90s.

The Saints have played in the New Orleans Superdome since 1975. Now know by it’s corporate whore name of the Caesars Superdome. But I still call it The Superdome because that’s what it is, dorks.

New Orleans Saints Stadium: Caesars Superdome.
New Orleans Saints Logo: The modern black fleur-de-lis is the primary logo for the Saints.
New Orleans Saints Colors: Old gold, black, and white.
New Orleans Saints Mascot:

How Many Super Bowls Have the New Orleans Saints Won?

1 – 2009 (XLIV)