Drew Brees Describes What It Felt Like To Kill A Crocodile With A Knife

Drew Brees Talked About That Time He Killed A Crocodile With Bear Grylls And How Far He Can Throw A Ball Left-Handed

The absolute last thing on earth Drew Brees wanted to do was talk to me. But even through the phone, the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL (at least statistically) could not resist my charm and stupid jokes. As evidenced by his knee-slap at the 2:57 mark. Look at his face and body … Read more

Joe Horn’s Bayou 87 BBQ Sauce – Financial and Social Media Case Study

The glaring question for a social media consultant is always, “How is what you do going to make me money?” The answer is often confusing—brand recognition, personification, personal connections … All valid points … but all terms that can quickly cause a would-be client to mentally check out. What about money? While our clients generally seek … Read more

Saints’ Legend Joe Horn – The American Dream Personified

For a five year period there was no wide receiver in the NFL that was more productive than Joe Horn. The only thing more amazing than Horn’s on field production was his unlikely path to the NFL which included not playing a down of football for two years after leaving college. After playing two years … Read more