NBA Live 14 vs. NBA 2K14 – Can EA Sports Come Back To Life?

NBA 2k14 video game footage of LeBron James
NBA 2k14 video game footage of LeBron James

Does NBA Live 14 have any chance against NBA 2K14? After the embarrassment of NBA Live 13, NBA Live 14 better bring it.

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After not releasing an NBA title since NBA Live 10 in 2009, apparently EA Sports still has a pulse.

Cancelling last season’s planned release of NBA Live 13 due to the game’s “disappointing” development was just the latest in a series of blunders for the once proud franchise, which is pretty sad considering the ground breaking early history of the series.

The NBA Live brand is finally back with NBA Live 14, though hoping to challenge the NBA 2K series’ grip on the NBA video game market seems implausible at this point.

Less than a month from now both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will become available to consumers and arrive on shelves.

This week, both the NBA 2K14 series and NBA Live 14 released a trailer for their respective games.

Here is the NBA 2K14 trailer (which features LeBron James receding hairline):

The “OMG Trailer” above features actual in-game footage captured on a PlayStation 4.

It is set to Phil Collins’ popular song “In The Air Tonight,” one of the 20 tracks selected by cover star LeBron James for the game’s NBA 2k14 soundtrack, another cool little feature.

NBA Live 14 launches for Xbox One and PS4 on November 19.

The NBA Live 14 trailer features cover star Kyrie Irving, as well as other NBA players like Steve Nash, Deron Williams, Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, and Kemba Walker, among others.

It is not clear which platform the trailer is based off of, but here it is:

After watching the two trailers, I think it’s obvious that NBA 2K14 is superior.

The player movement appears to be so much more fluid and the graphics on NBA Live 14 look a couple years behind the development of NBA 2K14.

Some gamers have complained that NBA 2K14 hasn’t added enough new gameplay features and that really, it’s just NBA 2K13 with updated rosters.

But it looks so good, (like a hot girl with a bad attitude) does it even matter?

Do you have any hope that NBA Live 14 can compete?

Or have you just given up on the series completely?