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The Indianapolis Colts were founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 1953 and joined the NFL that same year. They remained in Baltimore from 1953 to 1983. They made the playoffs 10 times and made it to three NFL Championship games.

In 1984 the Colts moved from Baltimore to Indianapolis literally by packing up all team equipment in the middle of the night and stuffing it into a Mayflower moving truck. Baltimore residents still consider it an act of great cowardice executed by then owner Jim Irsay. The main point of contention was he wanted a new stadium, but the tax payers refused to fund it.

Upon the Colts’ arrival in Indianapolis over 143,000 requests for season tickets were received in just two weeks. And the current franchise was born.

The Colts made it to the playoffs once in their first 11 seasons in Indy.

Indianapolis Colts Stadium: Lucas Oil Stadium
Indianapolis Colts Logo: Blue with a white stripe and a pair of horseshoes on each side of the helmet
Indianapolis Colts Colors: Speed blue, white, facemask grey, anvil black
Indianapolis Colts Mascot: Blue

How Many Super Bowls Have the Indianapolis Colts Won?

2 – 1970 (V), 2006 (XLI)

NFL championships (pre-1970 AFL–NFL merger) 

3 – 1958, 1959, 1968