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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Logo Bucco Bruce The Pirate

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers aka “Tompa Bay” aka The “Fightin’ Tom Bradys” were formed in 1976 at the same time as the Seahawks. From 1977 to 2001 the Bucs were in the NFC Central division with the Bears, Packers, Vikings, and Lions. Every year when the Tampa Bay Bucs would play Green Bay, you could count on at least 2 Chris Berman “Bay of Pigs” invasion references.

Their NFC Central foes absolutely feasted on Tampa for year. From their inception, the Bucs lost 26 straight games in their first two seasons and didn’t win a game in year one.

In 1979 behind OC Joe Gibbs and QB Doug Williams, Bucco Bruce’s Boys became the first post AFL-NFL merger expansion team to win their division, win a playoff game, and host a conference championship. Then their fans endured 14 consecutive losing seasons from 1983 to 1996. But then, things got interesting.

HOFer Tony Dungy was brought in as head coach, taking over from roster architect Sam Wyche. 1997 the Buccaneers had their first winning season since 1982 and made the playoffs. Behind a stifling defense, they made the playoffs in 4 of 5 seasons.

Jon Gruden replaced Dungy and Tampa won its first Super Bowl in 2002, and absolute dismantling of the Raiders, Gruden’s former team.

In 1998 they moved out of original stadium “The Big Sombrero” Tampa Stadium that had hosted several Super Bowls, into Raymond James Stadium.

The Buccaneers and Ravens are the only two NFL franchises who are undefeated in multiple Super Bowl appearances.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stadium: Raymond James Stadium
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Logo: Bucco Bruce. A mustached pirate wearing a plumed slouch hat, with a large hoop earring in his left ear with a dagger in his teeth, winking.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Colors: Buccaneer red, pewter, orange, black
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mascot: Captain Fear

How Many Super Bowls Have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Won?

2 – 2002 (XXXVII), 2020 (LV)