DeAndre Hopkins Thought My Egg Puns Were “Egg-ceptional”

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Possibly the most “egg-cellent” interview I’ve ever done. Houston Texans All-Pro wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins teamed up with Just Crack an Egg and my egg jokes were egg-strordinary, no soft-boiled puns here.

You can listen via SoundCloud if you don’t like reading.

The 2017 NFL leader in receiving TUDS took all the jokes in stride, which is the way he would’ve loved to receive a pass from 2013 to 2016 from one of the many sub-par Houston Texans QBs he worked with prior to the arrival of Deshaun Watson.

DeAndre, I’m going to get right into it here – it’s an “egg-cellent” day to talk about eggs.

DeAndre Hopkins – Yes, yes it is. Just Crack an Egg reached out to Deshaun and I about the ultimate egg toss challenge. And we really thought we could turn it up a notch after throwing it a round in the kitchen. So we did some cool things, went out to a park and just messed around. Just Crack an Egg is a single serving cup with meat, cheese, and vegetables. All you do is add an egg, stir it up, and microwave it for less than two minutes.

Love the video. One of those egg routes you ran was like a 40-yard egg out pattern. That thing had to be hard boiled, right?

DeAndre Hopkins – No, it actually wasn’t. It was a real egg.

So wait a minute – your hands are that good? Like butter?

DeAndre Hopkins – Hey man, these hands are delicate hands. Like butter.

A couple football questions here for you DeAndre. 2016 was a little rough but you had an egg-cellent 2017, being named an All-Pro. What was the #1 reason for the egg-ceptional season you had?

Quarterback play was a big difference. When you’ve got somebody back there that trusts you and can get you the ball. Just the guys back there throwing me the football was the only difference between 2016 and 2017. Catching balls from a guy like Deshaun Watson really made the difference.

How different does the ball look coming out of his hand compared to a Tom Savage or a Brock Osweiler?

Every quarterback has a different ball. His ball, compared to all the other quarterbacks that I’ve had, his vision is like a point guard’s vision. It doesn’t matter if there are two people, three people on you. Sometimes you’ll think he doesn’t see you but he does and the ball is right there. He doesn’t throw the hardest ball in the world, but it gets there, man. And his timing, is something that separates him from other guys.

You mentioned the multiple quarterbacks that you’ve played with and I’m going to list them off. In six seasons you’ve had nine QBs throw you the ball. I was doing research and I can’t even believe it: 

Brian Hoyer
Ryan Mallett
TJ Yates
Brandon Weeden
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Case Keenum
Matt Schaub
Tom Savage
Brock Osweiler

I don’t know if you guys know this but Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard (the most played out NFL factoid ever, absolutely no response, you could’ve heard a pin drop).

Man, that is a long list. But you’ve just got to get the job done. I trained with Andre Johnson and played with him for a couple of years and his situation was kind of the same. So just being around a guy like that in that same scenario, you pick up the intricacies of getting the job done.

When these QBs have gone down due to injury or poor performance, how have you been able to egg-cel anyway?

Honestly, when these guys have been backup quarterbacks they are standing on the sidelines watching the games trying to figure out what they can do. And so when they get in, they see, “OK, DeAndre is winning every match-up. Let me get him the ball.” They get a different perspective from seeing the game on the sidelines. Seeing me winning matchups but not getting the ball, once they get in the game they understand — “Let me feed this guy the ball” — and they understand what it takes to win. That’s usually how it goes when backups get into the game. They know what to do and they trust me.

DeAndre can I tell you an egg joke? It’s the first joke my daughter ever told me. 

Yeah man, I want to hear it.

What did one egg say to the other egg?


Lets get crackin‘!

Hahaha, I like that one. I’m about to steal that.

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