Home Football NFL Kicker Kris Brown Kicked A Donut Into MY SKULL – VIDEO

NFL Kicker Kris Brown Kicked A Donut Into MY SKULL – VIDEO

Kris Brown Kicker Texans Nebraska In DUnkin Donuts Smiling
Kris Brown: All-Pro Kicker Turned Midwest Donut Magnate

He did – and it tasted great.

Sorry kids, this isn’t “C Breezy” – this is the greatest kicker in the history of the #Nebraska Cornhuskers. And the best kicker the @Houston Texans have ever had. Kris Brown is the all-time leading scorer in Texans history and it isn’t even close.

Watch the Kris Brown video here:

Back before NFL kickers could nail ’em from 50+ yards, Kris Brown did it with regularity and had one of the strongest legs in the league during his 12-year NFL career.

After the best video intro you will ever see in your life, Kris and I sat down in a Dunkin’ Donuts he owns in Omaha, Nebraska.

We talked about his time playing for the Huskers, his two National Championships, and leaving the school owning every significant kicking/scoring record in school history.

His transition from NFL All-Pro to Dunkin’ owner and Midwest CZAR of all things Dunkin’. Kris owns 14+ Dunkin’ restaurants throughout the greater Kansas City, Omaha, and Council Bluffs areas.

We addressed the elephant in the room: his shared name with R&B crooner, sex symbol/dance champion Chris Brown and how his name dominates Google searches for “Kris Brown.”

Other questions:

– When rearing his children, does he threaten to kick them rather than spank them like a regular parent since his leg was God-given, the way Achilles was dipped into protective juices.

– Does he ever want to kick former Nebraska kicker/NFL player Alex Henery for braking all of his kicking records?

– Was the #Texans thrilling first win in franchise history on Sunday Night Football vs. the HATED Cowboys on national TV the best game he ever played in?

Dunkin’ Stuff:

Dunkin’ franchisees are all independent local business owners who all support their local communities in many different ways. Recently, Kris Brown and his team have gone out into their communities to help spread joy and spark goodwill through various other donation and volunteer opportunities, including donating to Food Bank of the Heartland, Kansas
City Food Bank, and Harvesters – The Community Food Network. Kris and his team have been hard at work, serving more than just coffee and donuts to their Omaha community, and they are just getting started.

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