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The Los Angeles Chargers make no sense to me. From the abbreviation of “LAC” that always makes me think of the LA Clippers, as it would for any true basketball head. To the fact they have no true fan base. They alienated the die-hards in San Diego. Then forced them to move in with the LA Rams. A city that DGAF about most pro sports. The worst thing that could have happened to the Chargers is to have the Rams win the Super Bowl.

The NFL forced them to become roommates because LA is the 2nd-biggest media market in the country. They gave LA the New York treatment, like they did with the Jets and Giants in the biggest media market in the US.

It is such a money grab I don’t even care about the Bullshit Los Angeles Chargers.

They will always be the San Diego Chargers, led by Dan Fouts, then Marion Butts, then Drew Brees, Philip Rivers and LaDainian Tomlinson.

Los Angeles Chargers Stadium: SoFi Stadium
Los Angeles Chargers Logo: A badass lighting bolt
Los Angeles Chargers Colors: Powder blue, sunshine gold, white
Los Angeles Chargers Mascot: Boltman

How Many Super Bowls Have the Los Angeles Chargers Won?

HA – ZERO you idiot!

AFL championships – (1) 1963