WAIT for it…not all peer pressure is bad. In this video, me, and my daughter egg on my lifelong best friend, Eric Hoffman, into proclaiming …

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Longest MLB Game In History

Theoretically, a baseball game could last forever. These two games almost hit that threshold and are the longest MLB games in history. In my second …

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Sports Dynasty Denied: 00’s Rams Vs. 90’s Braves- Starring Lindsay Lohan, John Riggins, John Waters’ Moustache

Mike Martz Screwed Up The Rams Sports Dynasty
Mike Martz Screwed Up The Rams Sports Dynasty With Help From Marc Bulger

The concept of a sports dynasty is a largely subjective thing. If a given team wins enough titles in an allotted period of time, it is a “Dynasty.” 100 years from now, people will look at the New York Giants’ recent Super Bowl run and potentially refer to it as a Dynasty. In fact — somewhere in a dingy Secaucus, New Jersey bar — this is undoubtedly happening right now.

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