Best Pitching Season Ever: Roger Clemens 1997 Blue Jays

Roger Clemens had the best season of his storied career with the Blue Jays in 1997. And the Best Pitching Season Ever. The Blue Jays attempted to re-establish themselves in the American League East by signing Roger Clemens via Free Agency and bringing All-Stars Carlos García and Orlando Merced through trade. Clemens rejuvenated himself with … Read more


Alex Gordon Love Scream In Kauffman Stadium Picture Of Eric Hoffman Screaming At Alex Gordon

WAIT for it…not all peer pressure is bad. In this video, me, and my daughter egg on my lifelong best friend, Eric Hoffman, into proclaiming his love FOR Alex Gordon, TO Alex Gordon. This video took place on Sunday September 30th, 2018. During a rare Royals win over the Indians, 9-4 at Kaufmann Stadium in … Read more

What’s The Rarest Play In Baseball?

The Rarest Play In Baseball Is The Triple Play ANd This Is A Picture Of Video Game Triple Play baseball

The unassisted triple play which has occurred 15 times in MLB history since 1900, is the rarest play in baseball for which there is a specific statistic and which is truly about a single play, and not the context in which the play occurred. Here is a list of the rarest plays in baseball as … Read more

The Best Frank Thomas Interview Ever

This the Best Frank Thomas interview EVER. No production, no graphics. Me in my mac miller shirt in my home office with a pull up bar and a life-size picture of myself in the background. Just like this interview with White Sox manager Tony LaRussa.  Two dudes talking baseball and Tom Selleck’s mustache – one … Read more

Dylan Bundy PUKES ON MOUND Mid-Game (Video)

Dylan Bundy Throws Up On The Mound Pitchers have been called “hurlers” for decades, but Angels Dylan Bundy took it to a new level tonight. In the second inning v the #Yankees Bundy Barfed all over the Bump. Liquid SPEWED out of all of Bundy’s head holes at once, in a truly disgusting display. His … Read more

Jose Canseco: Complete Jerk Or Sympathetic Character?

For the last two months I’ve been trapped inside of a Jose Canseco YouTube worm hole. Just content upon content upon content. I’ve watched everything from his mammoth baseball-jacking homerun against the Toronto Blue Jays in the American league Championship Series, to an appearance on a dating show called third wheel we’re Jose had the … Read more

Bring the Heat! 2021 MLB Season Spring Primer

The weather is heating up! That means BASEBALL and we have got you covered! Here are our sure fire 2021 MLB picks for the 2021 season! 1. Los Angeles Dodgers (1st NL West) Simply put, the Champs got better, adding a Cy Young winner (Bauer) to an already stacked rotation and re signing 3rd Basemen … Read more