Cheesehead From Borden – 9 LBS Of PLEASURE And Fun

packers cheesehead on adult mans head

The cheesehead I received from Borden was way beyond a Packers Cheesehead – it was a practical cheesehead. A multi-use cheesehead. It was a cheesehead made to be employed in big game scenarios. Which is what we had last week in the Super Bowl. (RELATED – Packers David Bakhtiari And Corey Linsley On Holding, Shaving, … Read more

Chuck Cecil And When Men Were Men

Here’s a classic Chuck Cecil hit on Giants running back Dave Meggett: I miss Chuck Cecil like a sailor misses the sea and I’m not afraid to admit it. There just aren’t that many men around on earth anymore as “wussy-itis” has taken over. Do you think Chuck Cecil ever cared about other people’s opinion … Read more

Packers’ Clay Matthews On His NFL DNA and His Hair

Clay Matthews could definitely steal my girlfriend and probably yours too, bud. Upon scheduling this interview, my girlfriend did a quick Google search to put a face with the name. As images of “The Clay Maker” flipped across her iPhone, she said, “Wow. This guy is a complete stud.” The accompanying far away look in … Read more

Packers David Bakhtiari And Corey Linsley On Holding, Shaving, Loving – Well, Not Loving

The only time an NFL offensive lineman gets noticed is during a mistake. I asked Packers offensive linemen David Bakhtiari and Corey Linsley to describe the feeling of being public enemy #1 after a holding penalty negates a big play for the Packers.

PE – The offense just made a 40 yard gain that gets called back because you got flagged for holding. Describe that feeling in the ensuing 10-15 seconds when the crowd groans, and the camera is directly at YOU.

David Bakhtiari: I’ll take this one, Corey (in jest). I’ve gotten a fair amount of holding penalties. At times I would definitely tend to disagree. But at the end of the day, I don’t want to make the ref any angrier than he needs to be. It sucks. You definitely don’t want to be a hindrance to your team, but at the end of the day the number one thing is, we want to keep our quarterback clean. So we’re going to do that by any means possible. Because protecting him is our number one priority.

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Interview w/Packers Greg Jennings – Better QB, Favre or Rodgers?

Greg Jennings, Super Bowl champion and two-time Pro Bowl selection (2010, 2011), didn’t disappoint when we discussed petting a grown man like a dog, his hate for Bears fans and who has better balls: Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers.

Was it weird to pet a grown man like a dog?

Oh man it was real weird. It was spooky because it looked so realistic; it’s unbelievable, the process.

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