Mike Haynes Interview: “We Used To Intimidate The Referees”

Mike Haynes is arguably the greatest cornerback in NFL history. He was also one of the greatest punt returners the league has ever seen. Watching his highlights now, he reminds me of what Deion Sanders would come to be. Mike Haynes was the original shutdown corner. A throwback to a bygone era, he is the … Read more

Tales From The Black Hole: Mike Siani And The Renegade Raiders of The 1970’s

Mike Siani never fancied himself as a writer. Mike was a gifted athlete who starred at the collegiate level in both football and baseball while attending Villanova University. The two-sport standout chose football and ensued on a journey unlike any other in professional sport. The Oakland Raiders of the 1970’s provided a backdrop for some of … Read more

Jason Witten HOF? Somewhere, Todd Christensen Is Sick To His Tummy

Note from Paul: I’m going to be honest with you. I wrote this article 6 years ago. But it’s even more true now. 

Jason Witten Hall Of Fame? Excuse Me While I Barf

During Monday night’s 34-18 thrashing at the hands of the Chicago Bears, Dallas tight end Jason Witten accumulated one of the more useless 13 catch, 112 yard, one TD performances in recent memory.

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Product Review: 800Razors.com Chiefs vs Raiders BLOODBATH

As I stood in Arrowhead Stadium — section 125, row 33 — rocking the #83 jersey of Raiders legend Ted Hendricks, the last thing on my mind was the shave I enjoyed that morning courtesy of a razor from 800razors.com.

There I was, getting my sexuality questioned by endless Chiefs fans, in front of endless Chiefs fans in an assault befitting of Kansas City’s league leading defense. But one thing that wasn’t getting questioned was the closeness of the shave delivered via the five-blade men’s razor from 800razors.com.

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