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Men's Lifestyle Writer - Paul Eide

WARNING: This is a lot more serious than I am in RL

My career as a freelance men’s lifestyle writer started in 2000 when I entered a contest held by the Omaha Reader looking for freelance writers. I whipped up three samples (as was the parameters of the contest) in roughly 16 hours and submitted them. I won the contest and began my career as a writer.

From that base, my skills progressed and I expanded into copywriting, copy editing, web design, search engine optimization (SEO) social media management, PR, radio talent, theater, stand up comedy, public speaking, even serving as wedding officiant for five weddings and counting.

My skill to communicate was honed further through many kinds of experience and terrain. From the unforgiving crucible of the largest commodity exchange in the world, the Chicago Board of Trade, to corporate board rooms for companies that are household names.

Men's Lifestyle Writer Paul Eide

As the depth of my experience has increased, so have my abilities. I’m also a complete whore for any brand that will have me (fill out this contact form and let’s get real weird).

The reason I write and do anything in the creative realm is for the feeling of contentment that is imbued as a result of the work and the completion of a project.

From seeing an idea through from when it was just a thought in your head on the canvas of your mind, to the physical, completed, tangible item that can be pointed to as the accumulated result of many a focused hour. I have found that my level of contentment, and success, is tied directly to the amount of time and energy, and ultimately myself, that I invest.

Writing is the discipline of language, the base of all other creative skills.

As a freelance writer, I’ve created SEO content for the following outlets:

Sports Illustrated
Bleacher Report
Male Standard
Barbershop Blog
Mode Stories
Sports Douchebags
Busted Coverage
The Roosevelts
Opposing Views