NBA Top Shot NFT Pack Opening | WNBA Edition | Video

NBA Top Shot pack opening screen
NBA Top Shot pack opening screen

Join me as I open a fresh pack of #NBA Top Shot – WNBA: Best of 2021.

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You’ve all heard about NFTs by now. But what does it look like to buy one? This video shows how your cards are revealed once you get your digital paws on a pack and open it.

Before I got into trading NFTs, I started with NBA Top Shot. At $9 a pack, I felt it was worth it to check out this #NFTcommunity.

What’s the process of opening a pack and how does it look?

In this short video I open and narrate the experience of opening a pack of NBA Top Shot.

i apologize in advance for the music – this is an NBA Top Shot feature soundtrack.

Here is the best of drop two WNBA edition. this is the process of opening packs on NBA Top Shot. it you click these three that you paid nine bucks for, it will show you what cardfs you got after you get through the waiting room.

if you’re in NFTs at all you know there’s always a waiting room for a mint or a launch or drop or whatever so that’s what this is. Anyway let’s get to the meat of the sandwich. Let’s see what I got here:

Tiffany Mitchell – Handles

Breaking some fool down off the dribble oh okay kind of an Iverson crossover reverse layup. all right I guess I want like a Candace parker right or something? I really want a Candace Parker, right?

Amanda Zahui B

There you go right to the rack.

and number three, Myisha Hines-Allen.

I wonder what a Britney Griner dunk is – how rare is that? i don’t know. so that’s it so those are our three.

Now what? now view my progress i bought one NBA Top Shot pack prior to this. All right I don’t have a set three of 56. so this is more of an NFT collectible.

This whole line from top shot it’s not a true NFT because these are collectibles they’re one in a series not an original single item.

Yeah so then if we go up here to my profile this is NBA top shot still.

let’s see what I got. so I have six total moments the three we just saw in three with dudes aka the NBA lol. and it shows you how far you are along your set which sucks for me because I don’t care; I’m just doing this compared to opensea and real NFTs so that’s really it.