Jimmy Butler Tries To FIGHT Erik Spoelstra During Timeout (VIDEO)

Jimmy Butler trying to fight Erik Spoelstra mid-game during a timeout is a new low for the man I refer to as “Jimmy Butthole.”

Check out the video:

A notorious asshole, Butler got Tom Thibodeau in Chicago, then went to Minnesota and got him fired AGAIN.

Butthole allegedly told Haslem “you’re a goddamn cheerleader sit the fuck down.”

Haslem replied, Rachel Nichols saved your career and Butler lunged at him like he wanted to do sumpin’, which he clearly did not.

I love Udonis Haslem‘s reaction in this scenario. He’s the OG checking the young wannabe, having his coaches back.

He knows what it takes to win, and talking to SPOL like that mid-game is absolutely unacceptable.

Take one look at Udonis Haslem in this video and tell me he wasn’t ready to kick Butthole’s ass all over that court.

More notes on Jimmy Butler trying to fight Erik Spoelstra:

Playing without Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Otto Porter Jr. tonight, the Warriors hung with the Heat in the first half at FTX Arena on Wednesday night. But in the third quarter, Golden State blitzed Miami with an incredible 19-0 run.

During the Warriors’ scoring barrage, Heat star Jimmy Butler got into a heated confrontation with coach Erik Spoelstra. The two had to be separated several times by Miami players and coaches.

Butler and Spoelstra started yelling at each other in the huddle. Heat veteran Udonis Haslem — who is more of an assistant coach than a player in recent years — got involved backing up Spoelstra, too. This was a bizarre and dramatic scene that made Miami’s loss seem even more troubling.

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