SimBull Sports Exchange Lets You Trade Sports Stocks

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Sports Stocks via SimBull are fun to buy and easy to trade.

SimBull is a Sports Exchange all sports market that lets you trade simulated sports stocks for your favorite teams.

SimBull is literally a stock market for sports teams.

You can buy a share of any team in the SimNFL, SimNBA, SimMLB, or SimCFB.

How does it work?

After creating and funding your account, the next step is to buy virtual shares of teams.

Sports Exchange All-Sports Exchange

For example, in the SimNFL the Pittsburgh Steelers are currently trading at $44 dollars per share – currently the 19th most expensive team.

I think they are lowly valued by the market. And so does Steelers legend Franco Harris, that you can see here:

Each virtual share is backed by a team pennant and allows you the opportunity to earn win payouts. SimBull is NOT a gambling website.

The physical asset allows the market to operate as a sports exchange/all sports market because users are buying and selling a physical asset and not wagering on a specific event.

At any given time, you can submit your virtual share to SimBull and they will send you the pennant that is backing your share.

Owning virtual shares also gives you the opportunity to receive payouts when a team you own wins.

If you choose to submit your share to SimBull for the pennant, you will lose the opportunity of earning future win payouts.

Most players will never submit their share for the pennant because of the potential cash payouts for each share.

NFL stock is the most expensive and most traded:

NFL Stock Prices via SimBull
NFL Stock Prices via SimBull

How do you make money?

  • Owning a stock and seeing it appreciate in value
  • Win payouts
    Win Payouts are SimBull’s way of providing value to each share and are the easiest way to make money. You have the opportunity to earn win payouts if a team you own wins a game.There is no limit on win payouts so the more virtual shares (i.e. pennants) you own, the more payouts you have the chance of receiving.

    Payouts for each league have different value due to the number of games in a season.

    – If your SimNBA team wins you get a .10 cent payout.
    – If your SimMLB team wins you get a .5 cent payout.
    – If your SimNFL team wins you get a .50 cent payout.
    – If your SimCFB team wins you get a .50 cent payout.

Are there fees?

Yes, trading fees fund the payouts. Currently, trading fees are $1 per trade.

To get Free Trading, you can purchase a subscription for $25 a year, or $3 a month. So, if you are going to be making more than 2-3 trades a month, a subscription would make sense for you.

You can buy football stocks, NFL stocks and sports team stocks from 3 of the major North American sports plus college football.

Living in Omaha, Nebraska SimBull has been a fantastic alternative to sports gambling. I can still apply my sports knowledge and leverage it for value.

SimBull is fun, easy, and the best sports exchange on the market.

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