Emmanuel Acho on Wannstedt’s Mustache, Rob Stone’s Boyish Good Looks, #Huskers & Allstate

emmanuel acho interview

I realized while watching this video I may be obsessed with old dude’s mustaches. First I asked Frank Thomas about Tom Selleck’s, now I asked Emmanuel Acho about Dave Wannstedt’s.


0:30 – Emmanuel Acho
1:56 – Allstate Good Works Team
3:56 – Arm wrestling contest between you & Sam Acho who wins?
5:50 – Weird for old dudes to wear #NFL jerseys
6:30 – Is Rob Stone as good looking in person
8:38 – Workout and diet
9:16 – How many pull ups can you do?
10:17 – Wanstedt’s mustache

Emmanuel and I had a chill time talking about Huskers (#GBR) and the state of the football program, how many pull ups he can do from a guy with a pull up bar in the background, and his TWO Emmy Awards.

Emmanuel also talked about his work with the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team and how they are shelling out a million dollars to student athletes.

Additional questions/topics of conversation:

  • Who wins in an arm wrestling contest between you and your brother former 9 year NFL veteran LB Sam Acho and his “Residual NFL” energy?
  • 40 year old man wearing an NFL jersey of a 22 year-old – weird or not weird?
  • The #SKERS
  • Where are your Emmy awards RN?
  • Is Rob Stone as engaging and good looking in person
  • Is Matt Leinart as engaging and good lookin gin person
  • Have you ever touched Dave Wannstedt’s moustache
  • Workout/diet what are they like, how do you look so good?
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