How Much Does Russell Westbrook Make – Per Game, Per Season, Per Minute?

Russell Westbrook, aka Westbrick, makes FAR too much money and isn’t worth a fraction of his salary or per game check.

Westbrook was subbed out of Tuesday night’s 131-116 home loss to the Milwaukee Bucks with just over two minutes left in the third quarter and never returned.

And he WHINED about it like only he can, with that stupid face mole he should’ve had removed 10 years ago (like the principal in Uncle Buck), along for the ride.

“I shouldn’t have to hit any benchmark, to be honest,” Westbrook told reporters. “I’ve put a lot of work and I’ve got a lot of respect in this game. I don’t got to hit a benchmark, or I shouldn’t have to. I’ve earned a right to be in closing lineups.”

“EARNED” is in an interesting word choice.

Might be right depending on how you define it.

Russell Westbrook will make $41,358,814 in salary during the 2021-22 NBA season.

Just for funsies, divide that by 82:

and Russell Westbrook aka Westcock makes $504,375.78 PER GAME.

Via 48 minutes per game, he makes $10,508 dollars per minute.

BUT WAIT – It gets worse if you’e a Lakers fan, better if you love this dork.

Russell Westbrook will make $47,063,478 in salary during the 2022-23 NBA season.

My main point of contention with Westbrook is either:

  1. How arrogant he is
  2. How completely self UNAWARE he is

Like this quote after getting thrashed by the Bucks, benched:

“Westbrook, when asked what has ailed the Lakers this season, said the “No. 1 thing” to correct would be “creating some consistency within our team, which we don’t have at the moment.”

LMFAO! Before getting benched because he SUCKS, Westbrook was three of 11 from the field and turned the ball over four times in 26 minutes during Tuesday’s loss to the Bucks – before getting benched.

So who can we blame for Westbrook’s ridiculous contract that the Lakers can’t trade away because they have ZERO draft picks and ZERO cap space?

LeGM aka LeBron James. Aka Chairman LeBron.

LeBron James aka LeGM

He did it to Cleveland, and now he’s doing it to the Lakers. And people keep letting him get away with it, just like his steroid cycle.

But this isn’t a LeBron SLAM PIECE – this is a Westbrook SLAM PIECE.

There has never been a bigger stat-padder in history. Russell Westbrook is the black Kevin Love in Minnesota.

What has Russell Westbrook done to expand his game? NOTHING.

If you’re going to suck at all other phases, an athletic freak like you should be a killer defender.


Rebound, anyone can rebound – except Russ.

His 7 rpg this szn is lowest since 2014.

Make free throws? Un, nerp a dirp!

66% is 3rd lowest of his 14 NBA season. 

Here’s a novel idea – develop a mid-range game like Kevin Garnett did to extend his career 5+ more years. Expand your bag of tricks.

But to do that, he’d have to actually care. And he doesn’t because of his ridiculous contract.

In his last four games he’s 14 of 51 from the field for a cool .27%. And this ship is not getting righted any time soon.

Russell Westbrook sucks, is a cancer, dresses horribly, and only cares about himself.

5 thoughts on “How Much Does Russell Westbrook Make – Per Game, Per Season, Per Minute?”

  1. Breaking it down this way, Paul, really puts the absurdity of this contract into perspective. And it keeps getting worse. And as pathetic as my Trailblazer’s situation is, at least we beat the Lakers last night (without Westbrick) and their situation may be more dire than the Blazers. Great post!

    • Don,

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I don’t understand how the NBA allowed itself to get into these contractual situations.

      Sure, you can always push it into the future but that very rarely proves to be a good idea. To add even more absurdity, the Lakers are unwilling to part with their 2027 1st round pick to grease the wheels and facilitate a trade, and turn it into anything other than a contract/player dump. The only suitor now is the Rockets in a John Wall swap for an equally ridiculous contract.

      Why die on the sword for an over the hill selfish player and a 1st round pick FIVE years into the future? Who knows what will happen in the interim period of time.

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