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Image of All-Super-Bowl Logos Thru The Years

The Super Bowl – has God ever created a greater spectacle? Not as far as I’m concerned.
I fell in love with the NFL’s “The Big Game” as a 9 year-old watching Joe Montana engineer a game-winning drive in Super Bowl 23 to slay the Bengals and never looked back.

Super Bowl XXIII was the first time I recorded the entire game on the VCR – had to use 2 tapes lol. Watched it for months after. This was pre YouTube, when it was on ONCE and lost to history/memory.

On this Super Bowl page you will find lists of all-time winners and losers, Super Bowl MVPs, game recaps, lists of the greatest games, and interviews with the men, like Terry Bradshaw, Sam Wyche, Franco Harris, who made this game into the iconic culmination of the NFL season, transcending sports and touching all aspects of American life, that it has become in 50+ years.
The best part of my journalistic career was covering Super Bowl LII in Minnesota from Radio Row for a week in 2018. I recapped my entire experience in this post – “What’s It Like On Radio Row?
The piece and this page is written from the perspective of a Super Bowl fan — not some stuffy journalist — because that is what I am; a fan of the greatest measure and culmination of a year of courage, self-denial, and discipline that the game represents.
The Super Bowl is like a time capsule. Watching an old game takes you back and gives you a feel for society and culture at that same time, and how it has changed, just like the game itself.

At any point in the last 40 years, mention a game and I can tell you exactly where I was, the Super Bowl MVP, and what I was doing in my life during the game.

So click through the links I have created below and enjoy a slow walk through NFL history. Feel free to comment and share your favorite Super Bowl memories and let’s get nostalgic!