Andy Reid: The Hypocrisy Of It All

Andy Reid Is A Slob
Andy Reid Is A Slob

“Andy Reid and The Kansas City Chiefs do things the right way.”

This tired refrain may sound good on Sundays, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Andy Reid’s failures as a father and Clark Hunt’s failures as a human being were on full display this week resulting in an ugly situation that the NFL tried to ignore.

Never mind the fact that the Chiefs proudly endorse Tyreek Hill, who pleaded guilty to assaulting and choking his girlfriend who was eight weeks pregnant at the time.

And then, Hill was subsequently investigated for viciously beating his son.

His teammate Frank Clark, he of felony home invasion charges AND domestic violence charges that got him kicked out of the University of Michigan.

Andy Reid and Clark Hunt are the architects of something much more sinister.

Who can forget opening night of the 2020 NFL Season in Kansas City, which more resembled a Klan Rally than a sporting event, as a racially charged “Chiefs Kingdom” cascaded boos and racial epithets upon the home team during a moment of unity before kickoff.

We get it, the NFL is full of bad people and Britt Reid is one of them.

In a 2007 road-rage incident, Reid allegedly pointed a handgun at a motorist and was sentenced to eight to 23 months in jail and five years probation to go along with DUI and drug charges in separate incidents.

Britt’s punishment for his actions? A cushy coaching job on the Chiefs staff with a big fat $5+ million paycheck as “Outside Linebackers” Coach. His only qualification? That his daddy is Andy Reid.

Still Britt couldn’t enjoy the fruits of nepotism and white privilege that define his life.

No, he decided to get drunk at the team facility, pop some pills and destroy a family’s life, culminating in last Thursday night’s crash that critically injured a 5-year-old girl and put a 4-year-old boy in the hospital as well.

The Chiefs response? Silence.

The Hunt family and the Reid family have yet to make any type of gesture to the Miller family who’s nightmare scenario was created by the nepotism and White Privilege that has shielded Britt Reid his entire hand fed life.

Like Hunt and Reid, CBS decided to ignore the horrific incident until less than four minutes remained in the game, mentioning it as a footnote as announcers Tony Romo and Jim Nantz glossed over the event.

It felt especially sleazy to watch grown men pontificate and exaggerate the importance of a game while a child’s life hangs in the balance.

The entire NFL should be ashamed for its cold indifference to this hideous situation but none more so than Andy Reid, who enabled his drug addled son to the point where a child had been critically harmed.

What words did Andy offer? “That little girl, my heart goes out to her.”

Clark Hunt, Andy Reid, The Kansas City Chiefs and the entire NFL community owe the Miller family and little Ariel, who suffered swelling and bleeding in and around the brain and hasn’t awoken since the crash.

Lets hope the billion dollar industry that created a monster like Britt Reid can help out a devastated single mother of 3 and a little girl who didn’t deserve any of this.