Getting Stinky: How To Enjoy The Big Game With Mark “Stink” Schlereth

Mark Schlereth Wants You To FEED YOUR FACE

The Super Bowl is right around the corner. Whether you’re a fan of the Bucs or Chiefs, or just a fan of the game, Mark “Stink” Schlereth has you covered.

The last three years Paul and I have gotten the chance to interview Mark Schlereth right before the Super Bowl, and let me tell you, he is the ultimate pitchman.

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“Stink” as NFL fans know him, has all of the fixings to make this year’s Super Bowl a great one from home.

“It always starts in the home,” Schlereth lead with. “It starts with the television set. Experts agree that the LG OLED is the world champion of all TV’s. Stunning picture, virtually every detail is visible. Nothing better for all of the action whether it’s sports action, movie action, the gaming action… the siblings getting after one another playing Madden, whatever the case may be, the OLED TV is the best. Head to for more information.”

But as we all know, the game isn’t just about what you’re watching on, it’s about what you’re eating.

“FarmRich brings the concessions right to you,” Stink said. “Easy snacks and appetizers like the loaded potato skins. One-hundred percent real cheese and bacon. Idaho potatoes which is important being an Idaho boy, and how about those home-style meatballs! My favorite are the meatball sliders. So easy and a fan favorite in your local grocery store freezer section. Visit for more information.”

It’s not just the small bites though, Stink. What are we eating for the big meal on the big game?

“The party never starts until the pizza is delivered. DiGiorno croissant crust pizza, I had one by myself the other night. Absolutely delicious, buttery, flaky croissant layers, signature sauce, real mozzarella cheese. [Try the] pepperoni, cheese or three meat pizza in the freezer section of your local grocery [store], for more information.”

But how do we buy all that stuff without breaking the bank?

“Before you buy anything, check out Slickdeals,” Mark told us. “The leading social shopping platform. Twelve million users vote on the deals. It’s like having 12 million of your best friends vet out the deals telling you what the best deal is. Shopping from A to Z on Slickdeals. Check them out at”

Like I said, the ultimate pitchman.

But as we can’t forget, Mark is one of the greatest offensive linemen to play the game, and we wanted to hear what his takes were on the Conference Championships, the Super Bowl next week and some parenting advice.

Check out our interview with Mark Schlereth.

I-80: How big is your neck now vs. when you were a player?

Mark Schlereth: I don’t think my neck changed too much… you know I had a layer of lard that covered most of my entire body. My layer of lard is smaller than it used to be. I’m about 250 lbs right now, and when I played I was about 290-295. That’s about 40 lbs of dead weight I got rid of.

I-80: Mark you just completed another year as a color-man for the NFL on Fox. What was the best or most fun game that you called this season?

M.S.: It doesn’t matter what the game was because I just love football. I get excited, ya know? You may not like the way I do it, but it’s true. I’m passionate about the game, I love the game. My father told me when I was little, ‘Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to get up and go to work in the morning.’ … I don’t feel like I’ve worked a day in my life. I am so blessed and grateful to talk about the game I absolutely love. I get excited about great players, big hits, great plays… I love ’em all.

I-80: Mark my daughter just turned 13 last week. Any advice?

M.S.: It’s funny, I get asked this all of the time… and I always say any time I set an hour of time aside for one of my kids, it usually means they pissed me off. The biggest thing is just being involved. My wife and I were very committed to not out sourcing the raising of our children… be involved, insert yourself into their lives and don’t be afraid to do that.

I-80: Back on the field now, what surprised you the most about how the Conference Championships played out?

M.S.: The way they let them play, which I’m a big fan of. Unless it’s egregious don’t call it. Keep your flags in your pockets. I think that’s the way the game should be called. I was a little bit surprised because in recent years everything is so ticky tacky. It really wasn’t called that… let ’em play, let ’em put their hands on each other, let ’em chuck each other a little bit. I like that aspect of football. I liked the way they called the games Sunday… Packers fans didn’t, but I did.

I-80: What do you think the biggest thing going into the Super Bowl is? Boil it down to one key to the game Stink.

M.S.: If they let Tampa put their hands on these receivers like they did in the NFC Championship game, then Tampa’s got a great chance of winning this game because their back end is so tied to their front end. If they can just disrupt routes, hold receivers, keep them on the line of scrimmage, that gives time for JPP, Ndamukong Suh and Shaq Barrett to get to Patrick Mahomes. That’ll be, to me, a real key. If they call the game that way, this Tampa defense is so good they have a chance to compete and slow down this Kansas City offense.

I-80: We were here a year ago and talked about [Terrell Davis] and the 2,000 yard season. Similarly this year we had a 2,000 yard rusher in Derrick Henry. You said you know during the game the yards they need, but is there ever a point you stop going after the yards and go for the win?

M.S.: Winning the game is the most important thing, but ya know I come from the belief that when you dominate the line of scrimmage, you win the game. It’s funny because everybody talks about the quarterback matchups… but you show me the team that dominated the line of scrimmage, and I’ll show you the team that won every single playoff game, and that includes both the Conference Championships. Buffalo got dominated… and Green Bay ultimately got dominated. You gotta win the game, and I believe that controlling the line of scrimmage does that.