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  • Madden 99 Club Launched: List Of Every Player Ranked 99 Or Higher EVER
    Madden 99 Club was initially launched as part of Madden NFL 19. What is significant about 99? A 99 OVR is the highest rating possible in Madden. During the season, ratings are updated on a weekly basis based on the real-life player performance and skill set, so attributes like Speed, Catch, and Tackle are all … Read more
  • The Worst NBA Draft In History
    The 2013 NBA draft is easily the worst NBA draft in history. Just listen to these first 10 picks in order: Picked number one Anthony Bennett selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers picked number to Victor Oladipo by the Orlando Magic picked number three Otto Porter by the Washington wizards pick a number for Cody Zeller … Read more
  • Best NFL Players That Played In The CFL
    This is a list of the best NFL players that played in the CFL and actually made a positive impact. RELATED –>CFL Stadiums 2021 – From Largest To Smallest I love the CFL and I don’t care who knows about it. This list of the best NFL players that played in the CFL will NOT … Read more
  • Andrew Wiggins DUNKS On Luka Doncic
    Andrew Wiggins absolutely DESTROYS Luka Doncic!! Wiggins dunk on Luka was so ridiculous they called an offensive foul lol! Steve Kerr wisely challenged and the call was overturned. Check it out: Luka Doncic on Andrew Wiggins’ Q4 dunk over him: “That was impressive. I’m not going to lie. I saw the video again, and I … Read more
  • Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa – 5 Questions
    Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa is more than a pretty face with a a tightly toned torso and a voice like butter. At one point, he was actually a real dude — just like you. After running track in high school, Mustafa decided to try football and ultimately walked-on at Arizona State University as a … Read more
  • NBA Awards 2022 – Finalists And Winners
    The NBA has announced the NBA Awards Winners and Finalists for 2021-2022. Take a look at the 2021 NBA Award winners here. The six awards that honor top performers for the 2021-22 regular season: NBA Coach of the Year, Kia NBA Defensive Player of the Year, Kia NBA Most Improved Player, Kia NBA Most Valuable … Read more
  • Trae Young Jersey and Net Worth
    A Trae Young jersey has many variations. One of the reasons his net worth is so high. Not only is he a great player, but fans love him. As evidenced by his ranking on the 2022 Top Selling NBA jerseys. A Trae Young Jersey is the 8th most popular jersey sold out of all NBA … Read more
  • Predicting the Top 7 NHL Players of 2021/22
    Now that we have a good chunk of the 2021 season underway, there has been some enlightening games that have had us all rethinking our options for the best NHL players. The best point-scorers, playmakers, lockdown defenders and more are on this list, and no one can deny they are, but at what rank? There … Read more
  • Barry Foster’s HISTORIC But Short Career As A Pittsburgh Steeler
    When you think of the amazing runners of the Pittsburgh Steelers you may think Jerome Bettis, Franco Harris, Willie Parker, hell even Le’Veon Bell from more recent memory. The odd part is that none of those guys hold the Steelers single season rushing mark with 1,690 yards. The man who did it was none other … Read more
  • NFL Singularity – When The NFL Circle of Parity 2021 Began
    …this is how it ends. This is also how it begins..  –Unknown The NFL Circle of parity 2021 is complete, where the Saints beat the Packers, who beat the Cardinals, who beat the Rams, who beat the Buccaneers, who beat the Cowboys, who beat the Chargers, who beat the Raiders, who beat the Ravens, so … Read more