Bryce Hall vs Austin McBroom FULL FIGHT – Battle of the Platforms

Bryce Hall vs Austin McBroom FULL FIGHT – Battle of the Platforms

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YouTubers vs TikTokers.

YouTubers vs. TikTokers — is further proof these social media boxing matches are becoming the most popular events in combat sports … like it or not.

A week after Floyd Mayweather bragged about being the best at “legalized bank robbing,” it seems some YouTube and TikTok stars are hoping to join in on the fun.

In an event named “Battle of the Platforms” some influencers from YouTube and TikTok are fighting each other in boxing matches. The headlining fight is between YouTube’s Austin McBroom and TikTok’s Bryce Hall, and both are set to make a decent amount of money from this bout.

How much did Austin McBroom earn vs. Bryce Hall?

While the exact figures for McBroom aren’t public, he did share some information about how much he’ll make in this fight.

He confirmed Hall’s $5 million salary for this fight in an interview with The Hollywood Fix. In that interview, he shared that he’s willing to make less than Hall in order to make this fight happen.

“I told the team, I said look, I’ll agree, for Bryce Hall to fight me, I’ll agree to make less money than him,” McBroom said.

Austin McBroom dominates the boxing match from the beginning.

He put together nice combinations and Hall had NO ANSWER for his straight left hand – He just kept EATING IT over and over.

TikToker Hall could only get a few rabbitt punches in from one end of the ring to the other.

Bryce was beaten to a pulp in round 3. The ref stopped the action with an 8 count to see if Bryce could continue, and he did for about 10 more seconds before a fierce combination to the body was enough for the ref, who stopped the fight.

Hall legitimately got his shit rocked until the final bell. And his destroyed face confirmed what you already thought you saw.

Vinnie Hacker vs. Deji FULL FIGHT – battle of the platforms

Check out how TikToker Vinnie Hacker celebrated after his knockout win against Deji.

YouTube vs TikTok Boxing: Social media shocked by Deji’s physique during weigh-in. Swarms of people on social media have been rushing to react to YouTube star Deji and his dad bod appearance during the YouTube vs TikTok Boxing weigh-in on Friday.

KSI’s brother, who currently has 10.3 million subscribers, went face-to-face with TikTok star Vinnie Hacker, who possesses 7.4 million followers, in what is one of the most anticipated matchups of the evening.

Deji’s bout with Hacker is one of seven fights that are taking place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, United States, to see which element of social media conquers the other. Austin McBroom facing off with Bryce Hall in the main event of the evening.

Most people thought this would be just a social media event with crappy boxing, but the action was actually good and it was really entertaining.