UEFA Europa League – What Is It?

What is the UEFA Europa League?

As a lifelong American, soccer has routinely occupied roughly the 8th tier of my personal Sports Interest Level. But as I’ve gotten older and had a child who eventually grew to love soccer, her interest got me into the youth version of the sport.

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5 Reasons To Love Nick Diaz – Then Resume Hating Him (Video)

If you hate Nick Diaz, you’ve already got your mind made up and won’t be convinced otherwise.

The people that love him, do so with ferocity- the average Nick Diaz fan doesn’t care about any other fighter. The people that hate him (like the 40 year old soccer mom in Lodi, CA last week that called him a “son of a bitch” at a stop sign), are completely engulfed with disdain and think he is a detriment to the sport.

You don’t have to love the guy, but what’s with the hate? If you’re an MMA fan, you should be a Nick Diaz fan- temporarily. Here are five reasons why:

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