Chicks In Bikinis, Dudes In Suits Get 10x More Dates

Photos are the focal point of an online dating profile, and can make the difference between someone clicking (Hot Babes) or scrolling past (YOU, loser).

The right photo can exponentially alter the odds of securing a date. It can also destroy chances of a first date.

Popular dating website, pulled data from 50,000 of the most popular profiles to find which type of picture the most successful members used.

Overall, the average male user on the date-auction site goes on five dates in a period of six months.

However, the study shows the probability of securing a date increased based on certain profile picture attributes.

Most Successful Dating Profile Pictures for Men:

(Profile Pic Attributes – Odds of Securing a Date)
1. Wearing a suit and tie – 6x
2. In a travel setting – 4x
3. Showing off their abs – 4x
4. Selfie – 3x
5. Pictured with an exotic car – 2x

Based on the results of the study, women who wear bikinis in their profile pictures are 10 times more likely to be offered a date.

The average female user on the site is offered 120 dates in a six month period.

In other words, there’s a snowball’s chance in hell she saw your smutty DM.

Most Successful Dating Profile Pictures for Women:

(Profile Pic Attributes – Odds of Securing a Date)
1. Wearing a bikini – 10x
2. Pictured in a travel setting – 8x
3. With a drink in hand – 7x
4. Selfie – 5x
5. Wearing a dress – 3x

“We live in a society of instant gratification,” said Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of “Now, the decision to date someone is a snap judgment so the right profile picture must convey as much about your lifestyle as possible.” allows “Generous” members to bid and pay for first dates with other users, revealing not just how much they are willing to spend on a first date, but on a chance at love.

Money is exchanged during the date, and second dates may be arranged either online or off.

Get the date simply by using your wallet. That’s what it has always been about anyway.

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