Hey Miami, The 1989 NBA Playoffs Called And Said “You Suck.”

If Miami was playing the 1989 Detroit Pistons instead of the current Boston Celtics, there is no way LeBron James’ whining and showmanship after every made basket would have been tolerated.

While watching game two of Heat vs. Celtics last night, it occurred to me just how much the NBA had changed; there are no more “goons.”

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Chauncey Billups is Method Man

If Chauncey Billups was a rapper he would be Method Man. Sure, everyone knows who he is and that he’s good, but few people can point to a single specific performance to define him as such. And what makes both so unheralded is actually what makes them great; they are so good at doing what they do and at multiple facets consistently, that they are taken for granted.

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