Maximum Football 2020 – Doug Flutie Is Here To SAVE YOU

Doug Flutie Maximum Football 2020

The name of the game may be “Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020” but it easily could have been “Customize Every Single Thing Football 2020.”

Doug Flutie has always been known for late-game heroics and improbable victories. Now, he’s saving gamers by giving them an alternate title to live out what USED to happen in NCAA Football and the John Madden Football series, respectively.

Since bursting onto the scene with his hail mary aka “Hail Flutie” in 1984 to lead his Boston College team to an improbable victory over heavily favored University of Miami juggernaut, Heisman Trophy winner Flutie is known for comebacks.

The 5-10 QB and former first round draft pick went from USFL stud, to NFL washout, to 6 time CFL MVP and 3 time CFL champ, to NFL Pro Bowler and Comeback Player of the Year, to announcer.

I love the CFL (check out my article on the Best NFL Players That Played In The CFL) and until now have not had a game to play for years – and that’s including the CFL’s lame big-head NBA Jam style game for kids.

In a lot of ways Maximum Football 2020 is everything the Madden video game franchise used to be, but isn’t anymore, because it got more gimmicky (with things like Madden Ultimate Team aka MUT) while things like realism, customization, and gameplay declined.

Speaking of underdogs, lead developer David Winter used to work for EA Sports aka the Evil Empire and got so sick of the corporate mentality and inefficiency, left and started his own company. Until recently, he was the only one coding the game, which he describes here via YouTube.

Check out the hype video here:

Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020 is based off of Maximum Football 2019. 81% of people liked the game per Wikipedia, but it only garnered 2/5 via Gamestop users.

That means there was a lot of room for improvement. The development team at Maximum Football 2019 listened to community feedback and built the 2020 version based on that.


From logo creation to absolutely every detail of the uniform (the angle of the stripe on your helmet) to a play designer to a 50 YEAR DYNASTY SETTING (!, and you can even pick the “atmosphere” of the stadium you are building for your team), to in-depth weekly recruiting, to both 11 man and 12 man rules (I LOVE YOU CFL!).

As a 40-year-old and Madden veteran, the thing that jumped out at me the most was the Play Designer – for both offense and defense. From the team who developed the game:

“”One of the most notable new features includes a full football Play Designer – a feature that hasn’t been seen on any video game consoles in over 10 years. The Play Designer incorporates the ability to create and customize both offensive and defensive custom plays. This allows gamers to take complete ownership of their team, their playbook, and their on-field results.”

Implement standard playbook strategies with receiver route trees, read progressions, play action, run types, man and zone coverage, blitz packages, QB spy, and even set player motion.

Brand new “Customization Hub” to manage custom leagues, teams, and players. Choose from over 300 stock logos or create one with the logo editor.

Maximum Football 2020
Maximum Football 2020 screenshot

Doug Flutie Maximum Football 2020 Features List

  • 60 frames per second gameplay
  • Physics-based gameplay
  • Unrivaled customization
  • Logo creation
  • Play designer
  • 50 year dynasty mode (perfect if you are single)
  • Weekly recruiting
  • Simulation broadcast camera
  • Custom control mapping
  • Individual team play styles
  • Playoffs (“PLAYOFFS?!”)
  • 11-man or 12 man settings
  • Expanded defensive AI. Better man to man and zone play, including that tipped passes can be caught or intercepted.
  • QB and HB tweaks. Faster QB release animation. RB now motions into a hand off (like a jet sweep) to build momentum. Better pocket protection for quarterbacks.
  • Faster team customization.
  • Play with all 130 college teams in the Play Now feature.
  • League sizes can be 8, 9, 16, 27, 32, and 130 teams large!
  • Custom controls. PLayers can map controls to different buttons however they want.
  • Season mode now includes a full 32 team pro football structure.
  • Dynasty Mode 2.0 allows play calling tendencies – run heavy, balanced, or air raid styles of play each with their own set of audibles.
  • New sim engine means that simmed CPU games deliver accurate stats even if you play your games on 5 minute quarters.
  • Smarter player generator means that recruits are based on real world stats and data – no more 5-11 285 pound QBs.
  • New headlines add more personality to the game and in-depth player activity detail throughout the season.
  • Seasonal awards, conference championships, transfers, team rankings list, bowl games, updated depth chart system, Juniors leaving for the draft.
  • Overhauled Gameplay Experience – New audio throughout the game, improved linemen interaction, open field running, tackle physics, defensive back coverages, QB animation speed, more tipped passes, faster hand-offs, expanded AI, in-game stat overlays, new broadcast and gameplay camera angles.
  • Play as Legendary Quarterback Doug Flutie – throw a hail mary in Play Now, win a championship in Season Mode, or even design plays for Doug in the brand new play designer.
  • Multiple Rule Sets & Field Sizes – Still the only game to feature multiple football rule sets. Choose from U.S. Pro, Canadian or College Football rule sets. Field size and game ball will update according to the selection.

Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020 Sim League

  • Take on the role of recruit, player, coach, or team owner. BE Robert Kraft and get yo self a “massage!”
  • Participate in a living football universe! Get updates and sign up info at
Doug Flutie's Maximum Football 2020
Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020 screenshot of in-game animation

Reviews of Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football

Here is what people are saying:

  • “I’m buying this game. Not Madden.”
  • Oh the collision tho!!!! How a player gets tackled looks so real. Didn’t see an instance where a stupid animation took place. Passing looks the most improved. Excited to see more. Running needs work for sure, but it does look better.”
  • “The soundtrack alone is enough for my $$$. Finally, a franchise game I’m looking forward to.”
  • “Kinda has that 2k feel with a bit of the early-mid 2000s Madden presentation.”
  • “Finally, A simulation experience on next gen. Thank you so much for your passion and your willingness to listen to our football gaming community.”
  • “This game is somehow better than Madden, with a percentage of the budget.”
  • “Didn’t buy Madden this year for the first time since 2010. Buying this instead.”
  • “The fact a tiny dev like this can make this much progress in a year proves that it’s possible. These guys have heart. I love it.”
  • “I’m so mad that madden pumped 60 dollars out of me once again. I tried to force myself to like it and I kinda do like it..:but Maximum football seems like it will keep my interest muchhh more.”
Based in Madison, WI, and Southern Ontario, Canada, Maximum Football is developed by Canuck Play and digitally published by Spear Interactive. Maximum Football was initially released on the PC in 2005 and the series was relaunched on Xbox One and PS4 with the release of Maximum Football 2018. Doug Flutie joined the company as a brand ambassador in November 2018, and the game series was rebranded to Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football.
Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020 is releasing digitally today on Xbox One and PS4 for $29.99 USD. The indie team of Canuck Play and Spear Interactive have dedicated themselves to providing a video game for simulation football fans that is driven by community feedback.
Maximum Football 2020 is now available on the PlayStation and Microsoft digital stores.

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