Madden Ultimate Team: Top Ten Must Have Madden 20 Cards

Madden Ultimate Team And Madden 20 Ultimate Team Cards
Madden Ultimate Team And Madden 20 Ultimate Team Cards – Which Are Best?

Madden Ultimate Team continues its run atop the video game fantasy market. Check out the list of must have Madden 20 Ultimate Team cards.

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When you have as much down time as a I do, you can do research on just about anything to pass time. Like this breakdown of Madden 99 Club Launched: List Of Every Player Ranked 99 Or Higher EVER.

This week I looked at some of the greatest cards in Madden 20’s version of Madden Ultimate Team. There are some big names, and some cool packs.

Madden Ultimate Team is sort of where Fantasy Football meets video game heaven. You get a chance to own your own team, buy players and take on your friends’ squads.

It’s a fun thing you get to do with friends, but how can you take your friends to school?

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Check out this list of the top ten must have cards in Madden Ultimate Team 20.

10. Jamal Adams SS, New York Jets: Overall 84

Start your Madden Ultimate Team defense big, and go get Jamal Adams.

Adams is listed as an 84 overall and doesn’t break the coin bank. The value is very high for Adams at 84 overall. As a second year player, his ability to progress will be super fast.

It’s also very important in  Madden to have a centerpiece in the secondary.

Adams will definitely be a good fit for any defense to start in Madden Ultimate Team.

He’s a big hitter, can stop the run and will be a leader in Madden 20.

9. Phillip Lindsay RB, Denver Broncos: Overall 84

Value is value when it comes to Madden Ultimate Team.

Phillip Lindsay is listed as a Madden Ultimate Team Superstar, and he has a ton of value. He has a mismatch attribute as well as great speed and agility.

Entering his second season, Lindsay has great upside to hold down a backfield on your Ultimate Team.

If he hits a hole hard enough, he has breakaway moves and speed.

8. Nick Chubb RB, Cleveland Browns: Overall 84

This is a style thing putting these two runners back to back.

Chubb has more power, and acceleration than Lindsay, but doesn’t have that same ability to make people miss in the open field.

He catches out of the backfield well, can really man the backfield as a feature back and I think that he would pair well with Lindsay.

I also like him a lot in the pass blocking game.

Chubb, like Lindsay, is considered a Madden Ultimate Team Superstar. He has a lot of upside for the Madden 20 Ultimate Team feature.

7. Alshon Jeffery WR, Philadelphia Eagles: Overall 85

The top part of this list is all about value, and Alshon fits right into the value mold.

Jeffery hits the market at 85 overall, but his size and spectacular catch ability make him a great pick for Ultimate Team in Madden 20.

For his reasonable 53,000 coin price, you’re getting a guy with 82 speed, 85 jumping, 81 catching and 86 catch in traffic.

The guy is an animal.

Throw the ball up, and let him climb the latter on any defensive back out there. Jeffery is a mismatch, and is an absolute nightmare for defenses. Try to budget out and get this guy if you can.

6. Jalen Ramsey CB, Jacksonville Jaguars: Overall 87

There are times where you have to break the bank in Ultimate Team, and this is one of them.

Regardless of how you might feel about real life Jalen Ramsey, video game Jalen Ramsey is a beast. There is easily a situation where you can afford Ramsey and Jamal Adams together, and that’s the start to a lock down secondary.

Adams comes in 218,000 coin price, and I totally think it’s worth it.

Ramsey is an absolute playmaker, and I think he’s a must have for everyone. He will be great on any team, and I think everyone needs to get the budget for him as soon as possible.

5. Torry Holt WR, Los Angeles (St. Louis) Rams: Overall 90

Did someone call Cher?


I’d spend every ounce of coins I have on Torry Holt. The guy was a beast back in the day, and he’s making his comeback now on Ultimate Team.

Holt is a go to guy, and has a pair of hands that could catch anything. Literally anything. I mean, he’d catch the flu in 110 degree weather in the middle of July if it were possible.

I believe Holt is somewhat of a must have, but I have a little secret. If you want a comparable talent with lesser price, look into getting Tyreek Hill in his current state.

4. Michael Strahan DE, New York Giants: Overall 87

The next couple of picks are going to be defensive, and it starts with my childhood hero.

Michael Strahan is going to be the best move to sure up your defensive line, and to build around. If you look at his stats and attributes, his standard card is incredibly dominant and reasonably priced.

There are other other pass rushers, and we will get to them, but Strahan is the reasonably priced one.

I would be thrilled to start a defense with the value that Strahan brings.

3. Aaron Donald DE/DT Los Angeles Rams: Overall 88

You need a run stopper for Madden Ultimate Team?

I found him.

It’s no secret that Aaron Donald is a beast, and he’s valuable in all facets of life, but if you have an Ultimate Team I’d invest in this guy.

He pass rushes well, he dominates the run game and he has great speed off the line. If you have the funds, go out and get him.

The guy will go off, lead your defense, and it’s worth the value just to play some Madden with him.

2. Reggie White DE, Philadelphia Eagles: Overall 90

This pains me just because I’m a Giants fan, but yeah… Reggie White is a beast.

I don’t have much to say about him, other than his attributes are incredible and he’s terrifying to play against.

Do yourselves a favor and go get it done. Madden Ultimate Team + RW = LOVE.

In my semi-expert opinion, either get Reggie White, or get the Strahan/Donald combination. Both of those are scary options.

1. Marcus Allen RB, Oakland Raiders: Overall 90

I know I know… There’s already two running backs on this list, but this guy outweighs the other two by a mile.

Look, The first two backs are more for the economic value with the skill. This guy is if you’re ready to break the bank for and start a team around.

Marcus Allen was a great athlete, and an incredible running back.

If you just want to spend it all on one guy, I think this is the guy.

Sure there are tons of guys like this, but it’s not a total bank buster. He is going to be a dominant force in any offense, so get him on yours.

There is your top 10 Madden Ultimate Team Madden 20 ultimate team cards.

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