Favorite Famous Athlete By State

Most Famous Athlete By State Graphic Of United States

From Muhammad Ali to Michael Jordan, many of the greatest athletes of all-time call America home. But have you ever wondered which sports stars are the favorite in each US state?

A new study by TopUSCasinos.com uncovers the top sporting stars from each state. Check out the state-by-state breakdown below.

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Hometown Heroes: The most popular famous athlete in each state revealed!

Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Phi Jackson and Tiger Woods all make the states hall of fame.

By looking at the most successful athletes of all time, TopUSCasinos.com then looked at who is searched for the most on Wikipedia, to reveal the most popular sporting legends from each state across the US.

The most popular athlete from every US state

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With nearly 60% of states ranking a basketball or football icon as their top hometown hero.

It’s by no surprise that basketball’s Michael Jordan takes the crown as North Carolina’s superstar famous athlete.

In basketball, ballers Scottie Pippen, Phil Jackson, and Magic Johnson claim top for their native Arkansas, Montana, and Michigan, respectively.

In Football from Louisana’s two-time Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning, Virginia favorite and legendary college coach Nick Saban both take top spots as most famous athlete.

It’s not only basketball and football that are celebrated.

By, turning our attention to the ring, one of the sport’s most celebrated athletes, Muhammad Ali, is comfortably the greatest to ever come out of Kentucky.

Heading westward Tiger Woods’ golfing heroics have cemented him as California’s leading sportsman, while tennis’ Andre Agassi is top in Nevada.

Discover your state’s hometown hero below:

State Top Athlete Sport
Alabama Charles Barkley Basketball
Alaska Curt Schilling Baseball
Arizona Billy Graham Wrestling
Arkansas Scottie Pippen Basketball
California Tiger Woods Golf
Colorado Vincent Jackson Football
Connecticut Floyd Little Football
Delaware Randy White Football
Florida Roy Jones Jr. Boxing
Georgia Jackie Robinson Baseball
Hawaii B.J. Penn MMA
Idaho Jake Plummer Football
Illinois Dwyane Wade Basketball
Indiana Larry Bird Basketball
Iowa Kurt Warner Football
Kansas Barry Sanders Football
Kentucky Muhammad Ali Boxing
Louisana Peyton Manning Football
Maine Edmund “RIP” Black Football
Maryland Babe Ruth Baseball
Massachusetts Patrick Ewing Basketball
Michigan Magic Johnson Basketball
Minnesota Kevin Garnett Basketball
Mississippi Brett Favre Football
Missouri Jayson Tatum Basketball
Montana Phil Jackson Basketball
Nebraska Gale Sayers Football
Nevada Andre Agassi Tennis
New Hampshire Carlton Fisk Baseball
New Jersey Rick Barry Basketball
New York Alex Rodriguez Baseball
North Carolina Michael Jordan Basketball
North Dakota Roger Maris Baseball
Ohio Jack Nicklaus Golf
Oklahoma Jim Thorpe Decathlon, Pentathlon
Oregon Danny Ainge Basketball
Pennsylvania Wilt Chamberlain Basketball
Rhode Island Vinny Pazienza Boxing
South Carolina Joe Frazier Boxing
South Dakota Billy Mills Long Distance Running
Tennessee Reggie White Football
Texas Lance Armstrong Road Cycling
Utah Jim McMahon Football
Vermont John Leclair Ice Hockey
Virginia Allen Iverson Basketball
Washington John Elway Football
West Virginia Jerry West Basketball
Wisconsin Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Basketball
Wyoming James Johnson Basketball


Favorite Famous Athlete By State Methodology

To reveal each US state’s most celebrated sporting hero, TopUSCasinos first collected data for each of the fifty states’ most successful and prodigious athletes from Bleacher Report.

From here, TopUSCasinos analyzed each athlete’s respective Wikipedia page to assess visits during a twelve-month period between March 2020-March 2021.

The athlete for each state with the most page views during this period is considered their area’s leading hometown hero.