Philip Rivers On His Kids, ACL Tear, and ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ Lifestyle

Philip Rivers gave us his takes on his post season ACL tear from 2007, his kids, and how he lives his “Cheaper by the Dozen” lifestyle

The subject of Philip Rivers kids comes up in seemingly every broadcast- he has 9 of them

Rivers is a man’s man. I mean just listening to him talk in his post game press conferences makes me think, “Man, I’d love to have a beer with this guy and shoot the breeze.”

Well, sometimes dreams come true my friends.

We were given the opportunity to sit down with Rivers as he prepares to take on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots this Sunday. The last time these two foes met in the playoffs, Rivers played the whole game on a torn ACL.

However, that might not be the hardest thing Rivers has had to do. This Sunday, in throws of preparing for a rematch with the “Evil Empire”, Rivers and his wife Tiffany are preparing to have their ninth child.

That’s right, their ninth child; the total number of Philip Rivers kids is 9 children. Including Mrs. Rivers, he has enough kids and people in his household to field a complete offensive unit.  So if you’re ever working at a restaurant and someone calls and leaves a reservation for “Rivers, party of 11,” odds are it’s the Los Angeles gunslinger.

Q & A with Philip Rivers

Question: Is it easier to corral 10 guys on the field in a huddle, or your nine kids at home?

Philip Rivers: I think they’re equally challenging in their own ways. The ten guys in the huddle… you know, the play clock helps. Kinda like when you tell your children to do something and you start the countdown from 3, 2, 1. They just know they got to get in the huddle. I love the on-the-field aspect of leading a group of men, and then certainly am thankful and love being a dad as well.

Q: Is there a guy you love(d) to score and throw touchdowns on?

PR: Charles Woodson was awesome. He was a guy you didn’t love to play, but you had great respect for him. I loved going against Ray Lewis. It was one of those things growing up, you watched those guys just like Peyton Manning. Those guys that weren’t way way older than you, but old enough where you were a fan. Then you’re staring across, and four yards away [Ray Lewis] is the mike linebacker staring you in the face. You’re kinda like, “this is great.”

Q: When did that feeling wear off? On the first snap, first play of your career? Or did it take time?

PR: It took some time before I got settled in. I remember I didn’t start my first two years. I watched for two years which was tough, but I think it was beneficial in some ways. Then my third year I started, and about the fourth or fifth game we played the Steelers at home on Sunday or Monday night, and that’s when I started to say, “Alright, I’m going to be okay.” Game after game, and I don’t know exactly how many games I’ve played now, but… it’s amazing how much more comfortable you feel from reps.

Q: You beat the Colts in the 2007 AFC Playoffs, and almost beat the Patriots on a torn ACL. How is that even possible?

PR: It was crazy… just feeling it pop that week, and it was a very emotional week. It was a very spiritual week and emotional week leading up to facing the Patriots. It was weird, and I don’t think it effected my play. I didn’t have my best game against the Patriots, and I really don’t think it was due to the knee. I think it was just a heck of a game… More than anything, it wasn’t so much pain as it just felt loose. I just felt wobbly and unstable.

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