John Harbaugh: The Best NFL Coach You Forgot About

It is hard to argue with success and John Harbaugh has had more than you remember.

John Harbaugh tends to be the forgotten NFL coach.

I’m not really sure why… but he is. His brother has been out of the NFL for a few years, and still, even he gets more press than John.

So what is it that makes John so forgettable? Maybe because he’s just a generic looking guy?

I have no idea.

All I do know is that he is successful.

Harbaugh boasts a career 106-73 record, and a 10-6 record in the playoffs. In 11 seasons as head coach of the Ravens, he’s made the playoffs seven times had one season with less than 8 wins.

Oh, and he has a Super Bowl ring to his name.

The Harbaugh Bowl is the Super Bowl you probably forgot about because of the Ravens big early lead and the extended delay when the power went out, mid-game, in the Louisiana Superdome. Everyone expected Jim and the 49ers to win. And John ended up being the foil.

The thing that John Harbaugh does so well that other coaches don’t, is that he adapts his scheme to his team.

A lot of coaches go into jobs with a scheme set into place, and they change it minimally. Harbaugh will change things based around the roster he puts together, and he does it very well.

Look at two of the most recent quarterbacks that he’s coached – Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson.

Two polar opposite players.

Lamar is more mobile, so you can shift the pocket and make more play action plays.

Flacco is a pro-style passer. With him you establish a firm ground game, and let him methodically pick apart defenses.

Harbaugh won a Super Bowl with the latter, and is building a contender with the former.

That’s why he’s great. He adapts.

Not to mention he is a great defensive mind.

Harbaugh came onto the scene as a prolific defensive coach. He spent 11 combined years as a special teams and defensive backs coach with the University of Cincinnati, University of Indiana and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Only three guys have been head coaches in the league longer than John Harbaugh. Those guys are Bill Bellichick, Sean Payton and Mike Tomlin.

Pretty good company if you ask me.

He’s brought Baltimore three AFC North titles, and continues to give the team a chance to do that, even still while the roster turns over.

I’m a big team guy, and the fact of the matter is Harbaugh is too. He loves his team. He loves putting in work for them.

That’s why he’s been around the league for so long, so I don’t see any time soon where Harbaugh gets taken out.

His low-key demeanor has kept him out of the spotlight, and he lets his success speak for itself. Which is a true OG move.

Don’t “misremeber” like Roger Clemens. Appreciate the job John Harbaugh is doing while he is still coaching in the NFL and you still can.

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