Jimmy Garoppolo: Best Ball You Ever Threw, Weird When 40+ Year Old Dudes Fan-Girl Over You?

Jimmy Garoppolo Sitting in a chair and and abswering questions
Jimmy G: Impossibly Handsome

We interviewed Jimmy Garoppolo and didn’t ask him a SINGLE Trey Lance question!

Jimmy’s dad, Tony G, sat by as we peppered the impossibly handsome 49ers starting QB with questions about his career.

Jimmy and Tony were made available by the fine folks at Klein Tools who want you to consider a career in one of the trades, rather than going to college and accumulating ridiculous debt that will take years to pay off.

As we head into graduation season, many students are weighing their career options, including those in the skilled trades like electricians, plumbers and contractors.

NFL quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and his father, Tony Garoppolo, a 40-year career electrician, discuss why – and how – students should consider career plans in the skilled trades.

Check out the video interview with Jimmy Garoppolo HERE:

Questions we asked:

– What’s the best ball you’ve ever thrown?
– Is it weird to see 40+ year old dudes wearing your jersey and geeking out?
– In 2019, you, Tom Brady, and Jacoby Brissett were all starting QBs at the same time, the first time that’s ever happened in NFL history. What was so special about the Patriots QB room at the time?
– NICKNAME ALERT – “Jimmy Gesus” because he’s resurrected/brought a couple franchises back to life. Does this nickname have legs? I’d buy a shirt right now.

We also asked Jimmy about his date with Kiara Mia, but that question went over like a lead balloon and Jimmy G was visibly uncomfortable.

Jimmy was real uptight. So we adapted our play-calling like Jimmy did in the Super Bowl against the Chiefs. #SIKE

Jimmy Garoppolo Interview

Paul Eide: For years people have been calling you jimmy g and personally I’ve taken a step further christening you if you will as Jimmy Gesus because you’ve saved multiple franchises from dire straits. how do you feel about it does it have legs?

Jimmy G: I like it. We’ll see how much how many legs it has but uh yeah you’re talking to the original Tony G right here by the way; this is where it all started.

Paul Eide: So that’s Mr. G to you son.

John Franklin: I’m in my my early 20s right now and i always feel weird now wearing an NFL jersey or like of a guy who might be like a little younger than me or like the same age. Do you have any weird experiences or like a weird feeling about like just a dude who’s like obviously your age or like a little older like absolutely fan-girling over you.

Jimmy Garoppolo: Wearing the jersey isn’t bad I think yeah that’s just part of being a fan you gotta i would wear it personally but uh when a 40 year old dude comes up to you screaming like a little girl or something like that that’s when it gets a little…it gets a little weird at that point but you know it’s uh you gotta love that though that’s that’s what makes football so great that’s what makes the fans so great it’s just the passion that comes with it. And when it’s real like that, as weird as, it is it’s really cool at the same time.

Paul Eide: Eight games in the 2019 season you’re 8-0 with the Niners
Brady was 8-0 with the Patriots, Jacoby Brissett was 5-2 for the Colts and was pressed into duty. Nothing like that has ever happened in NFL history. Why did that happen? Is it the Patriots style of coaching? Is that it’s because all three of you are studs? Or just a complete fluke?

Jimmy Gesus: uh, I think it’s a combination of a lot of things, a lot of things coming together at the right time. You know for all three of us to be in the same quarterback room at the same time, it was it was a lot of fun because of the competition. But it made it challenging every day, but that’s it pushed all three of us. I think got it we’re all at different levels of our career too Jacoby just came in as a rookie. I was a couple years in. And Tom was in like year 30 or something lol, so we were all uh it made a really good competition every day though in practice. It really was and I think that’s what really pushed us just all to excel at our craft. So it was, uh, yeah I remember when that happened actually, it was pretty cool.

I-80: back to the uh you’re on field prowess. I interviewed Matt Stafford and I was at a meaningless preseason game in Jacksonville in like 2016 and he threw a 70-yard bomb and to this day it was the greatest throw I’ve ever seen a human being make. And when I met him a few years. A couple years later I asked him about he remembered the exact play instantly in a meaningless game. What’s the best throw you’ve ever made in your professional career?

Jimmy Gesus: good question um I’d say we we had one or two years ago who uh it was me and Emmanuel Sanders against Arizona, at Arizona. it was uh probably like a 15 or 20 yard out, something like that. It didn’t seem like a very special play but it was something that we had been working on and he had only been there for a couple weeks. I thought red hat has Patrick Peterson’s height it was uh it was a pretty sweet play.

I-80: Just a dart?

Jimmy Gesus: Yeah it was a bit of a dart. It wasn’t a 70-yard bomb so it’s tough to compare to that one.

About the Garoppolos

Retired career-electrician who worked for 40 years in the Chicagoland area, Tony Garoppolo is dedicated to helping more people understand the growing demand for skilled trade professionals and how vital these careers and future workers are to our economy. He played high school football in Franklin Park, Illinois and taught Jimmy about football at a young age.

Jimmy Garoppolo is the star NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, who took the team to the Super Bowl in 2020. An Arlington Heights, Illinois native, he played college football at Eastern Illinois. The Garoppolos have supported National Signing Day since the 2019 inaugural event.