Matthew Stafford LIVES To Hurt Bears Fans (Me)

In this video Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford told us about the most beautiful TD pass he’s ever thrown (on a whim with no prep), his favorite team to beat, and how he is always able to pull games out in the fourth quarter against the Chicago Bears…until week one of the 2020 season.

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Paul Eide: I saw the Lions play the Jacksonville Jaguars an exhibition game in 2015. In that game I saw you throw an absolute laser it was, like a 70-yard TUD.

Matthew Stafford: Yeah.

I’d never seen a human being throw a ball like that, never. And i saw Brett Favre throw his NFL all-time record 421st touchdown pass.  How does it even feel to be able to sling the pigskin like that?

Matthew Stafford: It’s fun i have a blast. I remember the play. Golden (Tate) ran underneath, and had a great you know catch and run. He scored and jumped into the endzone. It was a bunch of fun. It’s a blast and I love playing the game. I just got interviewed by sage Steele and it is all just fun. I still have so much fun playing the game. I just continue to have fun; you’re gonna have ups and downs, but you know even through the tough times, man you got to realize you’re doing what you love – playing a game and enjoy it.

Paul Eide: How would you compare the Sage Steele interview to the one you’re doing right now?

Matthew Stafford: Oh, you guys are killing it, I’m not gonna lie.

I was gonna say about remembering plays. How far can you go back? Like, what did you have for dinner two weeks ago Wednesday?

Mathew Stafford: I can’t remember that kind of stuff, I don’t know why, but football plays for some reason I’m just always stuck in my head. Maybe it’s just like seeing them through the lens of the facemask. I just take like little snapshots of them and remember them. But yeah, i’ve got i got a big photo library mostly mostly good plays.

Paul Eide: I am a Bears fan, i’m just gonna say that – full disclosure. You’re always able to lead the Bears for about three quarters over the last three years or so. You guys always end it and win in like a two minute Stud Drive. What is that?

Matthew Stafford: It’s because I knew you’re a Bears fan! I’m just trying to rip your heart out every time.

Paul Eide: You’re doing it!

Matthew Stafford: I tease you along for three quarters. Our division has gotten so tough. The NFC North it is unbelievable now with Minnesota, Green Bay, Chicago – i mean it’s as competitive as any division in the NFL. And you know every time we play Chicago it’s a huge huge test.

Paul Eide: Who is your favorite team to beat or defender to just torch?

Matthew Stafford: Team to beat… I mean, I’d pick anybody in our division. It’s great winning division games it’s like a it’s like winning two games in one. As far as favorite defender to torch, I would probably say Charles Woodson because I didn’t do it very much. He was so good and playing against him in Green Bay I just had a ton of respect for him. But when we did get him it felt good because you knew how good he was.

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