Brandon McManus Vs Matt Prater For Free Bud Light

Denver Broncos’ kicker Brandon McManus said his personal goal this season is set the record for longest field goal in NFL history. He boasted via Twitter that he’s blasted in kicks from 73-yards while facing a live rush.

Coincidentally around that same time, Bud Light announced they will buy everyone (21+) in Denver a beer to celebrate if he breaks the record for longest field goal in NFL history this year.

“Coach Vic Fangio likes his red wine because he’s italian but he is going to have to switch once I get the record.”

Current record holder Matt Prater of the Detroit Lions heard the news and didn’t take it “lightly.”

Prater said that not only will he beat his own record, but that he will beat Mcmanus, and demanded that if that happens, Bud Light buy beers for everyone in Detroit.

Bud Light obliged and just announced on Twitter whoever kicks the longest field goal this season between the two, then that team’s city will win Bud Lights for the entire town.

On Dec. 8, 2013, Prater made a 64-yard field goal for the Denver Broncos at the end of the first half against the Tennessee Titans. The Broncos went on to win that game 51–28.

Prater’s kick broke the NFL’s previous 63-yard record set by Tom Dempsey in 1970. The New Orleans Saints kicker’s field goal was a game-winning kick as time expired, one that lifted the Saints 19–17 over the Detroit Lions.

Interestingly, Ola Kimrin kicked a 65-yard field goal for the Broncos during a preseason game against the Seahawks in 2002, but the kick did not count toward the record since it didn’t occur in the regular season.

This season, can either kicker best Kimrin? Bud Light is betting they won’t.

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