The Busch Latte is Actually Here

Busch Latte Cans and Busch Latte Box
Busch Latte: This is happening

Busch Latte real? Yes, yes it is

Everyone remembers the classic coffee ads from the 80s and 90s, with happy families smelling AM brew to start their day off right, followed by a catchy jingle.

So for the launch of Busch Latte—which are available now for a very limited time—Busch has decided to pay homage to these iconic ads with the launch of a spot of its own…

Released today, the new video captures Busch Guy waking up to the crack of a Buschhhhh (Latte), as he shares a beer and good times with two of his buddies, with an earworm of a jingle, to boot! You can watch it here:

After years of buzz among fans on social media and a teaser stunt in 2018, Busch Latte, the affectionate nickname Busch Light fans have given to their beloved brew, is finally here and currently on sale for a limited run in seven states across America’s heartland.

Here are the Busch Latte Cans (“Nice cans”):

Busch Latte Cans: Here Is A Busch Latte Can
Busch Latte Cans In The Wild Look Like This

Same crisp, refreshing Busch Light, but with a fun and premium twist on the packaging that fans have been pining for.

The specially-marked, limited-edition cans are available now in 30 packs across Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas, while supplies last. In addition to the name change, Busch Latte cans also have a special shout out for the heartland states, with new text under the logo that reads: “Brewed for America’s Heartland.”

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