Donald Cerrone: 6 Rules Of Success

Donald Cerrone

After you speak to UFC fighter Donald Cerrone, it becomes obvious why he has been a top-10 ranked fighter for over a decade – the guy never stops. We spoke to Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone after a full day of training, between sips of his beloved Budweiser, and he gave us his six keys to success. 1. … Read more

Jon Jones: The Return of Bones to The UFC

Jon Jones is trying to make his return to the octagon via some verbal abuse. Will the former heavyweight champion live up to the hype? Jon Jones is the troll of the year in the UFC. Israel Adesanya defeated Robert Whittaker to unify the title belts and become the undisputed champion. Jon Jones immediately took … Read more

Conor McGregor Quotes: Top Five So Far

Conor McGregor Quotes Are The Best

Conor McGregor is the king of trash talk. Here are some of his best quotes and moments. Conor McGregor is not shy from the microphone. Since the dawn of his career, McGregor always puts himself in front of the crowd. He will always put himself in front of a group, even if it’s not ideal … Read more

Product Review: Roots of Fight Tyson ’88 Hoodie

In the last 30 years, there hasn’t been a heavyweight boxer as good as Mike Tyson.

In the last 30+ years, there hasn’t been a heavyweight boxer as good as Mike Tyson. Arguably the greatest heavyweight of all-time, the 5-10 Tyson, with just a 71-inch reach, routinely knocked out opponents that were five inches taller and a quarter of his own bodyweight heavier. Related: Conor McGregor Quotes: Top Five So Far … Read more

Kickboxer Wayne Barrett on the middleweight title and rise of GLORY

GLORY is the premiere kickboxing organization in the world. And even if you aren’t familiar with it yet, Spike TV is betting it will take off. Similar to the way Spike popularized the UFC with an unprecedented TV deal in 2005, the network is betting on the crossover appeal of kickboxing, featuring GLORY kickboxing events … Read more

Product Review: Titan Post Battle Products

MRSA – what the hell is that? MRSA is the bacteria that causes Staph infections and is a lot easier to say than its given name of “Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.” It may sound like a character off of “Sesame Street,” but it is no joke. Staph infections can mutate into a flesh eating “Necrotizing fasciitis” which can devour human flesh, and sometimes, entire NFL franchises, like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

One of many problems the Buccaneers have faced during a brutal 2013 season is an outbreak of MRSA, which has sidelined a total of three players, one as recent as the end of last month.

Some Bucs (and potentially former quarterback Josh Freeman) fans would argue that head coach Greg Schiano is a form of bacteria that can’t be stopped. But a quick dose of Titan Protective Cleansers would go a long way.

MRSA is a bacteria that is resistant to most antibiotics but can be prevented by simply maintaining good hygiene, and that’s where Titan’s Post Battle products have done all the work for you.

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5 Reasons To Love Nick Diaz – Then Resume Hating Him (Video)

If you hate Nick Diaz, you’ve already got your mind made up and won’t be convinced otherwise.

The people that love him, do so with ferocity- the average Nick Diaz fan doesn’t care about any other fighter. The people that hate him (like the 40 year old soccer mom in Lodi, CA last week that called him a “son of a bitch” at a stop sign), are completely engulfed with disdain and think he is a detriment to the sport.

You don’t have to love the guy, but what’s with the hate? If you’re an MMA fan, you should be a Nick Diaz fan- temporarily. Here are five reasons why:

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Interview with UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman

The hottest name in the UFC’s middleweight division belongs to Chris Weidman.

Fresh off a beat down of leading middleweight contender Mark Munoz, it was just announced this week that he will next fight Tim Boetsch on December 29th for the right to face Anderson “The Spider” Silva with the belt on the line.

His ascension to legitimate middleweight contender has been quick thanks to his willingness to fight (five fights in a year and a half) and a commitment to discipline, including a 32 pound weight loss in 11 days prior to fighting Damian Maia.

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Houston Alexander Interview – “Rock The B-Boy Language”

Houston Alexander Omaha

Houston Alexander Omaha

In every form of artistic expression known to man, the artist has continually resided in the epicenter of the storm known as social acceptance, seeking to establish merit in his or her chosen art form.

Long before he was knocking people out in the UFC, Omaha-native Houston Alexander’s chosen form of expression was B-Boying and his canvass was his body.

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