Al Horford Answers Regular Guy Questions, Talks Gators Group Text

Al Horford's Reaction If He Has A Group Chat Going With His Former Florida Teammates.

Al Horford loves chocolate milk and he wants you to jam as much into your body as you can physically handle. As the latest chocolate milk pitch man, he has a responsibility to load you with as many electrolytes as he can. We briefly talked milk and then got into questions about his career, regular … Read more

VIDEO: NBA Great Steve Smith On Guarding Michael Jordan, Where He Keeps Championship Ring

Sometimes, a person’s name says all you need to know about them. Steve Smith accomplished everything a basketball player could and was so smooth doing it that he never needed a nickname.

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Today In NBA History 1988: Atlanta Hawks Beat Soviet All-Stars In Russia

Since the Kremlin fell, animosity between the US and the Russian Federation is largely a thing of the past. But when the Hawks went to Russia in 1988, political tensions were high. 31 years ago today, the Atlanta Hawks began a 13-day odyssey on Russian soil, and became the first NBA team to play in Russia, … Read more

“What’s Paul Westphal’s phone number?” – NBA Coaching Carousel Out Of Control

The coaching carousel in the NBA is spinning so fast, its taken on a life of its own. The perceived value of an NBA head coach is at an all-time low. Currently, Erik Spoelstra is the third longest tenured coach in the league – and he’s only been coaching for five years. The only two coaches who … Read more