2003 NBA Draft: Best Ever? (Poor Darko Edition)

2003 Featured LeBron James And I Guy Named Darko.

2003 NBA Draft Featured <a rel=Poor Darko was 10 years too early. What’s funny about the 2003 NBA Draft class is how people remember it.

Sure, everyone knows that LeBron went number one overall, and then Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and Chris Kaman were all drafted in succession. But the only thing anyone remembers about the 2003 NBA Draft is how Darko Milicic went number two overall.

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#SmellEm If You Got ’Em! All-Access At ESPYS And After Party

Jonathan Ogden Used My Head As AN Elbow Rest

In the first 15 minutes at the official after party of the 2016 ESPYS, I shook Richard Sherman’s hand, met former Lakers’ player/coach Byron Scott and told him he got a raw deal after his recent firing, and got a selfie with former Detroit Pistons “Bad Boy” John Salley. “The Spider’s” body was MADE for selfies: … Read more