Fantasy Basketball: Who’s #1 LeBron James Or Kevin Durant?

This week I’ve been preparing for my 2020-2021 NBA fantasy league draft. And I stumbled upon this classic piece from 2013. RELATED – Stephen Curry vs. LeBron James The crazy thing is that both LeBron James and Kevin Durant are still consensus first round fantasy draft picks in 2020. For 2020 NBA fantasy drafts, LeBron’s … Read more

Kobe Bryant’s Last Road Game: I Was THERE!

Kobe Bryant Last Road Game Collage

The Circle of Life: NBA stars like Kobe emerge, reign, then fade to black As the end of the NBA season nears, we tend look ahead to things to come like free agency (i.e. Kevin Durant Sweepstakes), the draft and this latest twist in L.A.K.B. (Life After Kobe Bryant). But instead, I’d like to reflect … Read more