Sitting Down With Spider: NBA Champ John Salley Talks All Things Father’s Day

<a rel=We got the chance to sit down with four-time NBA champion, John Salley.

The Spider talks all things Father’s Day, and gives some great advice to anyone still searching for that perfect gift.

John also gives us an inside look at his time with the “Bad Boy” Detroit Pistons, and his use of medical marijuana.

An incredible pitchman, John will leave you smiling the whole way through this one!

Question and Answer with John Salley

I-80: Father’s Day is coming up, it’s unheralded, and sometimes dad doesn’t get the love, respect, adoration or gifts that he needs. I think Chris Rock said it best during “Bigger and Blacker” that for all his hard work and providing for the family, all he gets is a big piece of chicken John! Let’s rectify that.

John Salley: That was one of the funniest things Chris ever said and it was true too.  Times are changing. Kids are digital. They now have cash app, and Zelle, and Venmo, so you can Venmo them some money so they can but you some of the things I’m gonna talk about. One of the first things I’m going to talk about is ditching the blade, man. This Norelco 6000 shaver… it has comfort, guide rings, multiflex heads. I just shave all smoothly around this beautiful bald head, I’ve saved myself $200 a month in trips to the barber and taking my time. Make sure you groom yourselves dads, and get yourselves this Phillips-Norelco 6000 shaver.

I-80: John, my dad wants a new rolling desk chair and he likes to roll around in my kitchen on a tile floor. I was thinking that with it, I slip him a cannabis gummy and see how much fun he can have rolling around my kitchen on the tile floor. What do you think?

JS: First thing is… why is your dad in your kitchen? Second, that’s what the thing is about edibles, man. You never know. My daughter and I own Deuces 22 cannabis brand, and we are on the cover of Edible Magazine and we have our own different array of things coming out. But my deal is you never know with edibles, man. You never know when they’re gonna hit, but when they do it is a joy. Just make sure you have your camera out because TMZ and World Star is looking for all kinds of content.

I-80: John you were a part of the “Bad Boy” Pistons. Who was the baddest guy on that team?

JS: Rick Mahorn. Rick Mahorn is the essence of “Bad Boy”. Isiah and Bill Lambieer may have been the team captains, but Rick Mahorn was the essence of “Bad Boy”.

I-80: Were Rick Mahorn’s buns surgically enhanced?

JS: (A lot of audible laughter) I know he wishes he can get them taken away now… uh no, I think he’s half reindeer so yeah he’s built that way.

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