Greatest Basketball Team Ever? Magic Says “Dream Team”

Magic Johnson Says Greatest Basketball Team Ever Is Dream Team.
Magic sez the greatest basketball team ever is the Dream Team.

You may not know this, but sports apparel company Champion turned 100 years old this year. The iconic “C” logo has seen a resurgence and has become cool again.

You also may not know that March hasn’t always meant madness for basketball fans; the obsession stepped up a notch 40 years ago, when millions of viewers tuned in to watch Magic Johnson and the Michigan State Spartans take on Larry Bird and the Indiana State Sycamores for the national championship.

The iconic match-up paved the way for America’s enduring fascination with college hoops and the “March Madness” events of today.

The Larry vs. Magic rivalry carried over to the NBA, and restored a dying league, due to financial problems and drug use.

What team is the greatest basketball team ever? Without question it is the 1992 USA Olympic Team, the Dream Team, says Magic Johnson in this video:

Magic has teamed up with Champion to release this video where he reflects on his career – from rising to stardom during the tournament, to being part of the 1992 Olympic Dream Team, the greatest basketball team ever.

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