Dale Earnhardt Jr. Tells Me His Fantasy Football Strategy, Favorite Pandora Station

The Internet is absolutely full of Dale Earnhardt Jr. content. But this isn’t anything like that.

This is just two dudes not talkin’ racin’ at Michigan International Speedway on behalf of Goodyear. I asked Dale Earnhardt Jr. a bunch of regular guy questions and he was great.

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Rick Allen On How He Became NBC’s Voice And Face Of NASCAR

Rick Allen of NBC photobombing me and Jeff Burton.
Here’s that one time Rick Allen photobombed a perfectly good photo of me and Jeff Burton.

“The first event I ever announced was a women’s gymnastics meet at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln,” said Rick Allen, lead announcer for NASCAR on NBC. “The guy who was supposed to do it didn’t show up. And I just happened to be hanging around, so I did it.”

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