Know Your Beef – Defensive Tackle DeMichael McWilliams


Omaha Beef nose guard/defensive tackle DeMichael McWilliams can bench press 425 pounds. The average American man weighs 180 pounds. The 6-3, 325 pound McWilliams can bench press 2.5 people reading this article right now.

But what really separates him is his agility and quickness. Check out this highlight of him corralling Dodge City Law quarterback Joshua Floyd.

Who was your favorite player growing up? At what point did you realize you would be a lineman? And, did your favorite player change as you grew physically?

I am a 90’s baby, so I grew up watching guys like John Randle, Warren Sapp, and Marcell Dareus. I realized I was going to be a lineman back in pee-wee league; my father knew that I was going to be a lineman because I’ve been big all my life. My favorite players never changed: I’ve always been a big fan of defensive linemen, even to this very day.

Describe what it’s like to be a 6-3, 325 pound human being – what’s the best part of it, what’s the worst part? Everyone assumes it’s awesome all the time.

The best part of my height and weight is that I’m very strong and powerful. Sometimes I think the worst part of my height and weight is that people look at you differently. Almost like you’re a freak of nature. It’s not always awesome.

Where are you from originally and how did you end up with the Beef?

I’m originally from Montgomery, Alabama, born and raised. I graduated high school in 2012, I’m 22 years old. I attended Dodge City Community College where I met my beautiful wife, Sofia McWilliams and my wonderful step kids. We started dating, got serious, then we moved to Larned, Kansas. I got in touch with Cory Ross and he asked could I come down to showcase my talents and I told Coach Ross I’d love to! I really appreciate the opportunity to play for the Beef and be in Omaha – it is truly a blessing.

What has the biggest surprise for you playing indoor football compared to outdoor? Is it the speed? The smaller field? What’s the biggest challenge?

I treat playing indoor football as if I’m playing outside. The speed of the game is faster, it’s a shorter field, but I think it gives you a great opportunity to play at the next level. We’ve got the opportunity of to be seen by scouts in the NFL, CFL, or AFL, you name it. It’s just an all-around good experience.

What’s the best feeling for you on the football field? Is it stuffing a run, a sack, dominating an offensive lineman?

The best feeling for me is all of the above – I’m in love with the game. I give thanks to the good Lord above before every game. I am absolutely blessed to be in this league and part of the Beef organization.

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